Tuesday, March 03, 2009


so i said i was going to blog about something and this something if you had clicked on the hyperlink will lead you to this webpage call Lazy Gourmet.

how aptly named. Lazy Gourmet is Le Amis take on instant food with a gourmet touch. at prices ranging from $6.95 for soup to $14.95 for mains, it's almost as if you are eating at restaurant prices but at the comfort of your own home.

comes in a nicely packaged box. very pro.

the frozen pack

they were pretty considerated providing the holes for i guess to poke two chopsticks through so that you can take it out of the pot?

i decided to buy some when i tried their coq au vin even though i only tried a small spoonful. what made me wanted to buy was the button mushroom used for the fresh ones and not canned, the sauce had the alcohol flavor which was very prominent and the chicken though a tad tough was quite yummy.

as i said, the suay sin was with me and because i wanted to choose the coq au vin box which was most frozen, i ended up taking the beef
bourguignon without knowing and only found out when i reached home. i also bought the Chipolata and Meatballs in White Bean Stew. supposedly a winter comfort food, it was my rainy sunday indulgence for dinner.

Quote from the website: 'Home-made pork meatballs and pork Chipolata sausages are combined with a hearty stew of white beans, which are slow-cooked with tender vegetables.'

There are 2 meatballs, 1 sausage, plenty of white beans and loads of roughly chopped bacon. the entire meal was delish. just remember to cook the stuff long enough to ensure a nice warm meal is served.
the meatball was so so coz i think i make better meatballs that the one i ate. the sausage was good with its taut skin which bursts when bitten lets the meat juice ooze out nicely. the white beans were not over cooked and i could still get a bit of texture when i bite it. the bacon bits were a nice surprise.

basically, lazy gourmet meals can be cooked 3 ways. if you can wait, you can thaw the sack and then empty the contents in the pot and start boiling or cooking. if you are like me who is lazy, you can just put the whole package of things into a pot of boiling water and boil for 15 to 20 mins. alternatively, i think you can also microwave it.

methods of cooking

my chosen method of heating up the meal

the sausage

the meatball

the overall.. :p

so within mins, you'd have a gourmet meal to chow down to! with a price of $14.95 i guess it's pretty ok when at times if you wanna pamper yourself but just too lazy to dress up and go downtown or out for something nice.

i am so going to get the coq au vin next time!!! Argh!!! and i will upload the food pics next. something is wrong with blogger yet again...

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