Monday, March 02, 2009

on sunday i indulged

somehow, it must have been due to the rain. i was in a munchy mood. not long after lunch (a very fulfilling congee of mixed tender pork slices, meatballs, cuttlefish - which i super duper love and century egg cut into cubes) i found myself looking into my snack stash.

i was still in the mood of savory stuff, so i took out the new snack from Meiji. it was the Karl Stick white gratin. i love the packaging, it looked damn yummy. when i took a bite of it, it tastes of ka ka.. reminds me of that good ole kiddy snack in red plastic packaging which i used to like for its MSG laden flavour. hee hee, except it's more crispy, has better flavour coz of the cheese and the milk and of course for the higher price, it's definitely better.

see how delish this looks!??

the sticks are about 10 cm in length. so got quite a bit to chomp down :D

anyway, check out the ingredients that went into making this snack and i seriously wonder if i'm eating food or chemical. well, for that short moment, i got my savory high.. haha

lots of ingredients went into making this snack

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