Sunday, March 22, 2009

online purchase

i got these items off the web the other day. thanks to he who asked if i wanted to get anything online to share the shipping cost and who brought the items to office for me. :D

i absolutely love each and every item i chose. Total cost was SGD144 and the shipping was SGD31 hmm which was probably either quite worth it or a bit ex. nevertheless, they were on sale if not, it was going to be more ex. So it was good coz i think so far, no one has the same thing as me.

i love especially the orange colour 'harajuku lovers' tee! It's sooooo cute and flashy! The tagline at the back of the tee says 'fatal attraction to cuteness'!! So interesting! I've already wore it last week. the material is so soft and so comfy, it's like a second skin. i would prolly want to get the whole range next time!

i love the spaghetti strap flare top. the details are incredible. the button on the middle is made of glass with a flowery design within. the top has pockets at the sides too. i like! haven't wore it yet, but tried it the moment in the office toilet when i got it.

as for the dress, i love it. Initially, i was worried it wont fit but once i managed to wear it, it's so comfy and light and airy. it's darn cool! And i super duper love the design. it's damn unique. the colours were very appealing too!

and these shorts... woahh.. it's like close to wearing nothing!! so comfortable and does not restrict your movements. material is A star man and the logo is embroidered! cool!

i am now a fan of Harajuku Lovers tees and Eden by Element clothes. Nikita is expensive, but they have very nice unique designs. Pics are courtesy of THE GIANT PEACH. Check out their website coz they've got lots of things and you'd love it if you like to wear Tees!

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