Monday, March 23, 2009

Leave Day 1 - 1st half

so the plans i made yesterday for today didn't materialized. i'm hardly surprise given that the things i planned to do, unless i absolutely want it to happen will usually turn into partial dust and somehow be revisited another time.

i didnt head to Saraceno for lunch and thus didnt go take black and white photos @ Keong Saik nor Ann Siang. I figured that in the end, the route wasn't correct. Last night i was thinking of bringing Dad and mum to Naive for lunch on Weds and then i'd go Cold Storage to get my weekly grocery thereafter. Somehow, when i woke up this morning, i decided that lunch @ Naive should happen today. It's too rush for me to head to Saraceno after BTNR coz their lunch hour was from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. This means that i won't have much time to check out the shop houses, go for lunch and then get my cakes. So i decided to go on Weds where i can possibly take my time hopefully.

Then i was thinking maybe Saraceno should happen another day where i can go with friends and we can possibly enjoy more stuff. See how it goes lah.

Also, BTNR doesn't seem to be a good place for black and white shots, so i shot quite a couple of colour pics. saw some pretty flowers and interesting insects. I was worried that i couldn't walk up like before. Afterall, i haven't gone for ages. Fortunately, i was ok and definitely decided that i should go more often regardless of time of day.

Anyway, lunch @ Naive didnt happen. So decided to go for dinner instead coz Dad was feeling full. He hasn't been feeling well lately and was admitted to hospital just two or three weeks back. He complained about feeling numb at his arms and stuff. Doc mentioned that he shouldnt take too salty stuff and also fried stuff and stuff with too much oil. Hopefully, he will enjoy the vegetarian meal later. I am heading to Naive without expectations and see how it goes.

it's a hot hot day today, but i am happy to spend some time with dad and mum. Talked a bit to them and told them about the kopi place along east coast road which LC took me to. Apparently, grandpa used to take dad and 3rd uncle there last time. Next time i'd get them to go on one Sat or something. Hope it'd bring back wonderful memories for him.

i did however completed some of my errands. paid for my overdue insurance bill, got a stamp booklet for my letter and bought my toto for today. $1.5 mil, i am so not going to miss it. I had also wanted to buy cakes from Obolo, but pity they close on Mondays!! Arghhh.. wasted! Then i had craving for the Old Airport Goreng Champilak!! but decided to go another day.

think i will take a nap now. Prior to that, i'd put up the pics i took @ BTNR.

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