Sunday, March 22, 2009

away from office

tomorrow marks the first day of my 3 days of leave. i don't think it's going to be the most exciting 3 days of the year though. took these 3 days away not coz i extremely needed a break from office. somehow, somewhere deep within me, i think i am a workaholic, i just choose not to be one for the time being. i guess it's in anticipation that the coming days and months will be hectic, crazy, neurotic.. in short, pure madness!

in preparation of the above, i decided to take a few days away from office. this is done in the hopes that i'd have more breathing space when the time comes for err.. what's to come? i was trying to decide if i should or should not bring my laptop back home. Without hesitation on Friday evening when i left office, i didnt even bring my laptop home. Well, that's coz i was thinking that i can go back yesterday or today to bring it home. in the end, i didn't.

no short getaway trips though even though destinations such as Bangkok and Hong Kong did pop up in my mind. Ultimately, i booked no tickets. Couldn't get any friends to go overseas with me and at the same time, overseas friends are either busy with work or have BAU committments. i figured that i'd prolly not enjoy myself, so i will continue to postpone my overseas trip and see how it goes. To Japan i'd definitely head, just a matter of when..

Then there were the resort getaway adverts in Facebook which were really appealing. Unfortunately, the prices quoted were meant for 2 or more to go so i didn't even bother emailing to ask them what would be the price for 1 person. i believe it's going to cost 1K if not more. We are talking about staying in a villa with breakie and air ticket and with a private pool where the edge of the pool meets the horizon. how cool is that? I'd prolly slack everyday and tan myself to a healthy glow.. unfortunately, travel deals are never meant for the single person travelling, so that really sucks.

perhaps, fate has it that i will have to stay in our tiny little island. i guess in a more optimistic way, i can prolly take these 3 days to discover some hidden treasures? at the same time, i have to run some errands like paying for my insurance bill which i didn't have time to, write a letter and read a book. I'd head to meet Doc See on tues evening and i so have an idea what he is going to say. i had also intially tried to book massage session for tomorrow, but apparently, it's fully booked until the Sat of 11 April. Gawd, the bad times must have definitely made people really stressed out and in need of relaxation.

i remembered reading a couple of weeks back in the gossip column of Urban that bad times are booming business for spas. being able to relax is in big demand these days. where else to destress those tense muscles than to have someone knead your tired flesh and let you drift into a short sleep of an hour or so than to head for a spa providing such services promising you pure heaven, even though it's for that short period of time. No wonder the sales aunty at the spa i currently have a package with wanted to sell me a 20 + 20 (supposedly free) sessions for an exorbitant price of $3200 to which i opened my jaws and told the aunty that i'm unlikely to take up the plan given that this one popular chain has reduced from many branches to a mere number of 3 over the years. i don't have that much confidence in them though the current branch i was transferred to is at M Hotel with really impressive interior for my massage sessions. I have no complains about that.

i was also thinking of pedi and mani and making an appointment at Honeypot which i have a package as well. then doing my own calculations, i think i am better off checking out the neighbourhood shops in Marine Parade Central. There are so many of them it's incredulous actually! i'd go look if i have the time. Most likely Weds.

so what do i plan to do tomorrow? i'm planning to head to the hill with my parents. i havent been walking BTNR for more than a month since i came back from Genting. I hope i still have a bit of stamina to walk up the first steep path. i was quite impressed with myself when i went running with the guys that i managed to run way beyond my usual spot. but i think the non stop running took it's toll on me coz i walked back with stomach cramps. probably the week after, i can run to that same spot and run back to office. I'd do my best.

i'm also planning to have lunch at Saraceno at Duxton coz base on this review it's supposed to be good. at the same time, prior to food, i am thinking of bringing my SLR and check out Ann Siang and Keong Saik road since it's got pretty interesting shops. am going to do some black and white shots well, excluding food of course which ought to be in colour coz if not, it will not do good food justice. and if i still have the time, i'd prolly head to Patissarie Glace and grab some cakes!

we'll see how monday goes.. tues lunch with LC and SK at tampines, then doc see @ 4.15pm. I'd then head to town and do some look see or maybe the museum for some free exhibits.

one thing's for sure, i'd definitely need good sleep and rest. :D

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