Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Price of my favourite RUFFLES

the other day when i was at Jasons supermart, i thought i saw the price of Ruffles wrong so much so that i had to look at it twice and blinked my eyes many times.

the last time i bought it, it was only $3.60 and during then, the price had already increased. They used to be about $3.15 depending where you get them.

at Jasons, i saw the price to be at $4.60 and i was like.. woah!! did i see wrongly? and i realised i didnt. so i went to Cold Storage to check it out yesterday, err the one at Katong mall yesterday? It was also at that price!! I'm not sure if they had increased the amounts in the package though, but it still looked the same size to me.

i am so not going to buy Ruffles anymore.. sheesh!

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