Monday, March 23, 2009

BTNR pics

one of the pretty flowers i saw. It's not a fallen flower though

another one of my favourite pics. took me 3 shots to get this one.

i've never see this insect before. It's furry and moves swiftly. Dunno what is it!?

i took this coz i thought the shape and colour of the leave was pretty unique

guess coz of the rainy season, mushrooms (poisonous for sure) were sprouting everywhere!

i can only say this is a 超极毛毛虫!! mum spotted it and i was darn impressed! Thank goodness she didn't step on it with her bare feet. i gather with it's bright colour, it must be lethal to a certain extent..

entangled branches - i thought it looked damn interesting!

shadows of tree branches cast on the road. looked like road veins to me.

leave with 'tumor'

ling zhi anyone??

i finally managed to capture the pic of a spider!!

a further shot i took of this fallen flower. it looks like those wind wheelers you can buy in fun fairs right?? and i love the pink and the white. So classic candy lollis colour!!

pavillion for your tired legs.

mum's back view. she walked in the opposite direction citing that it's easier to go up like that.

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