Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cedele's Cakes

i had a craving for cedele's carrot cake, so i went to get it the other day after work.

the huge slice of carrot cake... i can never finish it entirely

i think Cedele's chefs have a particular liking for walnuts. all their cakes have walnuts except for one which has pistachios.. i think is the brownie??

then over the weekend, i had a craving for their ice cream. Unfortunately, the branch or outlet at parkway dont have ice cream. so i got the lemon meringue pie instead. hmm.. not much of a mood to describe today, i'll just say that i still prefer the one from Double Bay.

the 3 different layers of the lemon meringue pie.. meringue on top, sturdy froth in the middle.. lemon tart at the bottom.

that's how the froth is like.. hmm if you can see it

the meringue has a strong egg smell and it didn't smell fresh. do you call it stale egg taste or if ever there was such a term. it's a bit hard to swollon coz the eggy smell was strong. the centre was not cake, it was some froth or hmm, i can't say it's froth coz it doesnt disintegrate. in fact, it's quite amazing that it's beaten till quite solid. didn't like it, felt like eating air or bubbles. dunno what to make out of. the lemon taste is at the bottom. sweet and sourish. good blend, i like that part.

sadly, i think that's the only part i like. i'd definitely not have another go at it though.

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