Saturday, March 07, 2009

meoW and be partially Whisk-ed

initial movie plan changed to dinner. some requirements for last night's dinner.

1) would be good if the location is in town
2) non japanese
3) somewhere to relax and chill

resourceful as i am, this kinda stubbed me. hmm.. where shall we go to have din and meet the above requirements? so i searched HGW, my foodie wikipedia equivalent. seems like no where fits the criteria. in the midst of training session and then heading for a short break to buy sandwich from 'Simply Sandwich' and a miserable scoop of earl grey with fig ice cream from cedele (which incidentally was darn good but F ex!) i remembered Whisk.

having head down to Wisma on 2 suay attempts of trying to get my phone repaired, i remembered this place and i suggested to Cece. Read reviews and it seemed like a decent place. Tried to make rsvp via phone and was declined. Response given by the person was that they had many group reservations and thus rsvp was closed for the day but walk ins are still all right. i further tried my luck citing that it's only for 2 persons. the person on the other line asked what time i was looking at and i told him about 6 to 7pm, he mentioned that it should be ok.

so when i reached there at about 710pm, the place was pretty empty save for one long table being filled. i was given a table beside where the condiments were stocked, wasn't very impressed. at first i thought the tables inside were filled, subsequently as i see more 2 persons patrons being ushered in, i was quite so not happy. anyway, the service was pretty good. the waiters and waiteress were ready to serve me despite me having to say we were not ready to order countless times. they were always smiling.

the menu which gave me a 'headache' in deciding what to order..

i had a hard time deciding. i wanted to have the 'mystery' soup of the day which was clam chowder but looking at the photo, the clams looked rather pathetic. i wanted to try the mikiko's pasta which came with beef, poached egg and some sauce, but i also wanted to have the chicken and corn with poached egg soup. then i wanted to have the rosie's chicken and even thought about the pork ribs. i had such a hard time deciding coz i didn't want to have repeat ingredients in my meal!

chicken & corn soup with poached egg.. and the two uber crunchy toasts which i really liked!

Ultimately, i decided to have izio's aglio alio or something. it was actually prawn pasta and the chicken and corn soup. Cece ordered Timmy's fish and chips.

soup arrived pretty soon and came with two uber crispy toasts! Really excellent! I love the crunch and went really well with the soup. the chicken slices were generous as well as the corn. i couldn't decide how i should eat the poached egg, though finally, it helped that after too much scooping of the soup, the egg 'broke' and the yolk oozed out. turned out, that was how it should be eaten. the egg yolk enhanced the taste of the soup and it felt so comforting. hee hee. best of all, the poached egg was perfectly done. no harden parts on the yolk and the egg white was slippery smooth. it was excellent!

unfortunately, before i could finish my soup, they served Izio shortly after. Poor Izio was left to cool but fortunately, i could still see steam when i mixed in the cheese and chilli flakes. the spaghetti was normal, but the sauce was wonderful. it tasted like i was eating vongole spaghetti except that i can see prawns instead of clams. hehe. sadly, the prawns werent up to standard. i believe they used frozen prawns coz i could taste that it is glassy (dunno if you know what i mean), overly crunchy and bland compared to fresh prawns. i wonder if that's the reason the price was only $13.90 for a prawn spaghetti coz market price i think is about $16.90 if i am not wrong?

here's izio.. if the chilli were padi, it'd prolly be better. but i love the fresh garlic slices!

Cece's f&c took us by surprised. the serving was big in that there were loads of fries and 5 slices of battered fish. the fish was pretty soft and fresh. the batter was just right. it's not too thick nor oily but very crispy and savoury. we could have actually shared the dish.

and here's the huge serving of F&C!!!

we skipped dessert coz i wanted to head to isetan supermart to get lazy gourmet coq au vin. we decided that net time we'd return and share the pork ribs as well as other stuff.

yep, we will return and hopefully get further whisked away!! :D

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