Saturday, March 14, 2009

cakes from Patisserie Glace

and so, i finally made my way there. didn't expect it to be such a difficult place to find. like everyone else, i thought Chinatown Plaza was in the midst of Chinatown. Alas, it was way further than there. i was orchard and took bus 124 alighted opposite hong lim complex coz i wanted to try the bread from Barcook. after that, i headed to find Chinatown Plaza. it was a hot day, but i persisted coz i was there already, so i might as well. i asked around and was told that it was near cantonment road. i was like 'kaoz, cantonment road damn bloody far leh' but anyway, it's easier for me to get a bus home from there, so i might as well head over.

chinatown plaza is located at Craig Road

皇天不负苦心人.. i finally found it! tucked in an awfully quiet area on a weekend, CP is such an unlikely place to find such a gem. it is as everyone blogged. simple.

this is chinatown plaza, head to the entrance and Glace is on your left

it's a junction in front of chinatown plaza

when i reached, there was already a queue. two tables at the outside and the whole feel was quite dark. i think it's the only shop which opened today. the shop front displayed all the cakes and chef and wifey i supposed tended to the customers. behind the scenes was the kitchen where the staff baked the cakes. it's actually quite big.

the shop front

there were many cakes, many selections, i wanted to get everything. but i figured i couldnt eat so many so i bought back 5 instead. i managed to chat with chef's wifey and told her it was difficult to find the place and she apologised. she asked me where i came from and i told her i was at Barcook earlier. She said she also like the raisin cream bun and i told her that i was super lucky that i managed to get it fresh from the oven. she was very friendly and i have a wonderful time chatting with her!

she also told me that they are encouraging customers to order online as the shop supplies are unable to meet the overwhelming demand. she mentioned that they have been busy since morning and have yet taken any lunch!! she also said that they get a lot of calls asking for directions. so i told her i'd put up in my blog where exactly it is located. hopefully, it reduces the calls asking for location.

i packed back 5 cakes and so far tried 2 and are pretty pleased with what i bought :D i will definitely go back to buy their new creations and more!

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Mille-feuille

Rin Rin Cheese Tart - Honey Dew

Mont Blanc

Marron Pie

p/s: if like me you don't have the luxury of a car or prefer to take public transport, what you can do is to take 197 coming from bedok interchange and alight before it turns down the slope after maxwell market. alternatively, you can take 196 or trans 75 ot 167 and stop at cantonment road. it's a bit of a walk from the bus stop though. the nearest mrt station would be Outram, but it's still quite a distance away. have fun finding! :D


Fen said...

Hey I was like you last Sat, I went for Barcook, then to Patisserie Glace and the ambitious me wanted to drop by 7th Heaven when the bus I stopped opposite the Cantonment Police station...

So which is your favourite among the 5?

I have not tried the Marron Pie, so what was it actually?

claudine said...

waw! didn't expect so many comments. Thanks Fen!

My fave is the Mont Blanc. I love chestnuts, pickled sweet, in tong sui or roasted. I only don't like salty chestnut in bah chang. hee..

Marron Pie was cakey almondish stuff, wrapped in something like a pie/pastry crust at the bottom. there's a chestnut in the middle and i like the crispy top. but can a bit jelat to finish the whole pie for me coz it's a bit too sweet for my liking.

also, i think each time should just buy 1 strawberry related item coz the strawberry can be a bit sour and coz the cream and cake base don't seem to differ, it tastes a bit the same to me after sometime.

I haven't try 7th Heaven, may try it soon though i may try others first. Have you tried Cedele's Cloud 9 ice cream? They are good but darn freaking ex!!

i think can do a dessert outing from hong lim to spottiwoode!! :)

Fen said...

I am a cake manic... Once I am on the blog, anything with cakes will interest me... and you happen to have the entries featuring my favourite cakes...

On the contrary, I bought all their strawberry cakes on the same day... I thought it is interesting to see a key ingredient in so many creations...

Yea, dessert outings are good... I like to travel for desserts and cakes... but so little time and so many temptations...

claudine said...

you were lucky! my intention was to get the Strawberry souffle, but it was out of stock. nevertheless i managed to get it on my last trip there and i simply love the cake!

hmm.. for me, i guess i get bored easily if i eat a certain same thing one after another as such, my taste buds get fussy easily hee :D!

i think i am going on a dessert sabbatical the coming week. i've had too much during the last week and i'm ahem, feeling a bit heavy haha :p!