Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Raffles Creamery Part 2

i finally got my craving settled this evening. after a short run, i headed to Raffles City shopping centre. i needed to have my eyebrow pencil sharpened which took 15 mins, which then lead me to walk into agnes b store whilst waiting where some smallish wallets caught my eye. i am still contemplating if i should get one which i finally narrowed down.

anyway after that, i headed straight to RC. had to wait for 5 mins before the staff appeared. took me quite sometime to decide which flavour to order, i finally decided to order thai tea with brownie and macadamia nuts. this time i asked if the staff was going to teppanyaki my ice cream and condiments and she said yes. i was excited.

the staff Shoda, was really chatty and it was fun talking to her. she was scraping ice off the cold marble and was telling me that the small area was kept cool with 3 aircon, it's almost freezing. she even asked if i wanted to go inside. i then further tried my luck by asking her if i can try my hand at the teppanyaki and she was polite enough to tell me cannot.

anyway, i stayed out of the area and videoed the whole process of her teppanyaking my ice cream and at the same time chatting to her. she told me that actually it's not easy to do it coz the cold marble really hardens the ice cream so to 'fold' with the condiments is actually quite tough. things can really go worse if it's a busy day. so as we chatted my eyes were glued to what she was doing. it was quite interesting.

in the midst of being teppanyakied

the end product

check out the amount of condiment in a mouthful

she was also really generous with the ice cream, brownie and the macadamia nuts. i had much much more that i have the other time when i visited!! i actually felt the whole combi became too jelat, couldnt even finish it. hmm.. maybe it's the combi, coz i can't exactly taste the thai tea, but every mouthful is filled with brownie and macadamia. i think i can siam ice cream for a couple of weeks or maybe the next time i try, i should order those more refreshing and lighter ones.

in any case, my $5.90 was well worth it! i even ask Shoda when's her next work shift, i think i will visit when she's working again!! :D

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