Monday, February 09, 2009

Gambler's luck

well... i realised i have none to speak of..

hmm.. maybe the weekend wasn't mine or i simply do not have focus to win money. hahaha coz i find it so tiring to sit in front of the jackpot machine and keep looking at the almost similar combis which doesnt yield me any additional free games or more money. i was, as anyone would say literally feeding the machine and i couldn't stand the smokey casino, made my eyes heavy and i feel my lungs utterly congested. i must really go for my walk to BTNR this weekend. my internal system is so polluted man!!

thank goodness that my losses were in ringgit and i kinda didnt lose much. max $200 SGD. I won some but decided to continue, lost coz i didnt win big so, no point. anyway, we had much fun spending time and talking about one another's win and losses and how some had their share of good luck etc.. i guess it's the company that was important.

we went karaoke and k-ed for only 3 hours. so we or should i say kev piahed so many songs and it came to a point where we were worried that he may lose his voice, but he only said 我刚刚才开声而以。For R13, it came with tidbits and a drink. not bad for that price!! we wanted to sing the next day but apparently the feel not there anymore. hmm.. now so want to K again.

we ate lots too. Debs recommended the bah kut teh which was good and yummy, we also had dim sum at ah yat. din was at the some restaurant which served my kway tiao with so much chives. we also had zi char at the canteen for dinner on another night which was really cheap and good too. we had starbucks coffee daily and BR ice cream as well.

i spent the last hour of the last day in genting shopping whilst the rest continued clocking their hours in the casino. i bought 3 pairs of shoes from Vincci and can finally get rid of some of my old and worn out shoes. Happy with my shopping coz i got discount from signing up for membership for the casino. it came with lots of vouchers and you get a free room when you upgrade to the green card which only requires 1 Genting point (GP) which u can easily earn by sitting for at least an hour or more at the slot machine.

didnt take many photos on my cam this time as kev brought along his slr so he took most of the pics. now waiting for him to upload. hehe. everyone was talking about the 10 mil toto too and were pretty eager to know if any of our dreams can come true. hah.

6 14 15 28 37 43

additional number 24

just made 14 people quite happy. Well, they each have at least 700K to spend out of the blue.

i bought $35 worth of system 7 at one of the winning location. my numbers

6 14 15 20 37 38
additional number 39

I got additional $90 to spend minus the $35 i have like erm $55 to spend? Woah.. imagine if i had 5 numbers and that would make such a lot of diff!! Argh if only it was 28 instead of 38.. man.. i have to dream on again.

this coming thurs is 1.5 mil, i am so going to try again!!

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