Tuesday, February 03, 2009

macarons @ 1 buck each

for the month of Feb, Bakerzin is selling their macaroons for $1 in view of bad times. yesterday i went for lunch at the branch at millenia walk, the waiter told me that if i order any 5 flavours, i can get 1 free. so i ordered 5 yesterday and got 1 free. 2 of us got to try 3 flavours.

i love the coffee and the yuzu flavour. the strawberry was alright and the pistachios not bad which is my usual fave. the rest are forgettable.

our plate of macaroons.
flavours clockwise from left: chocolate, strawberry, yuzu, peach, coffee and pistachios
ps: on a side note, this is the only photo i'm happy having taken using my bloody lousy G900.

today i went to get again, apparently they changed the 'rules' or so to say. to get the additional free macaroon, you have to buy those already packaged into a bag. if you choose freely, then you don't get the free macaroon.

sometimes i think they come up with the weirdest ruling. i mean if you are giving such an offer, why put such restrictions? i aint going to keep buying the same packaged macaroons everyday. at least if they allow mix and match by the patrons, then there's more variety to try and the free macaroon throw in will make me go there anytime! then there was a time when they charge patrons for water. they refuse to serve normal water and insisted that patrons order evian??

hmm.. they should rethink certain concepts that they deem not profit making at times. after all, their macaroons aint exactly the best in town.

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