Saturday, February 21, 2009

ops when?

went to visit Doc See today regarding the lump in my throat. yeah, there's a lump of about 5.5cm in my throat (literally) since 2007 Dec.

today was a follow up session with him where i was supposed to tell him my decision as to what i wanna do. Doc See is a damn funny person. he has this straight face look and is like nonsense. i thought he'd prolly never smile, but i was wrong. either he has a funny bone in him as well or i must have really jovial and crappy which occasionally brings a smile in his face.

anyhows, i went telling him that if he's going to want me to be away from the office for 1 mth, it's impossible. so he suggested this. ops takes prolly a couple of hours and if the lump is not cancerous after they tested it, then after (4 days in hospital and 3 days of rest) 7 days, i can go back to office though he will give me mc for the remaining 3 weeks in case i need to go back to rest.

i suggested to him that maybe i can go back on monthly check up and then do another review in June. he cited it's not advisable as the lump is at the throat and close to the voicebox. if the lump turns cancerous, i might just lose my voice and by then it's a tad late. he mentioned that if it's only a 1cm lump, he has no qualms me postponing the ops. if it was 2.5cm, he's ok. in short, his message was clear. it's 5.5cm, quite big, don't play play.

i am confident that the surgery will be ok and should go smoothly. Afterall, he was being referred to me by my family doctor whom i think is also a wonderful and no frills doc. Got good vibes about Doc See too. i will discuss it soon with CH and the king. If ok, i should go for ops on 2nd week of Mar on Mon morning. thus, Doc See did not want to aspirate the accumulating liquid around the area in case i can go for the ops soon. i guess it's also his indirect method of getting me make the decision asap. coz if he aspirate today, he knows i am going to postpone to later part of the year. he asked me to discuss first and if really cannot ops in march, then he asked me to go back, then he will aspirate it and wait till May or June review.

he did however echoed my thoughts that the lump seemed to have increase in size. i felt it yesterday actually and was wondering if it is due to my sore throat.. anyway, i think it's best that i go ahead with it and hope that the lump is not cancerous!

so interesting, first time going to stay in hospital and going for an ops.. hmm..

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