Saturday, February 21, 2009


after visiting Doc See at Gleneagles, i headed to town with 2 intentions. 1) top up my ez link card and 2) deposit a cheque for my bro. i did think that i was going to be distracted by the shopping and all, so i took bus 7 and alighted at the Thai Embassy.

yeap.. i was heading to Isetan Supermart to see what new snacks are lying on the shelves.

as much as it was hard to resist, i didn't head to the snack section first. at the entrance was a small counter displaying natto related products. i realised later when the sales aunty was selling powdered natto which can be dissolved into water to drink for health purposes. it boasts of detoxification, boosting memory, helps in slimming (well, obviously after detox) and some other stuff which i cannot remember. for a small sachet which allows you to make up to 50 drinks, it costs a whopping $49!! I was ready to buy but the price made me think twice and i decided not to get it.

so i headed to the vege then sushi/sashimi section. nothing caught my eye until a whiff of buttery/creamy pastry came to my nose. it sure smelt delish and i had to check out their events corner. the first thing i saw was this man cooking dried ikan billis, which smell damn good but i wasn't in a savoury mood. so i went on to the next 'counter'. they were selling daifukus. i saw a cake like item thinking it was cheese related until the sales aunty told me it was japanese mooncake made of bean paste. i tried it but didn't like it. so i went to the counter where they were selling ice cream. waw! i was rewarded!!

there were about 10 flavours displayed in the freezer. there were 4 gelato flavors and 5 or 6 sorbet flavors. they allow the customers to try the ice cream before buying. the first flavor the japanese obasan let me try was the vanilla chestnut flavor and i lurveee it!! coz i can taste small bits of chestnuts and the slight powdery texture of the chestnut as well. nice! and since i was in a salty sweet ice cream mood after last night's coconut salted caramel b&j ice cream, i asked to try the natural salt flavor. waw! no regrets! I must get it.. the saltiness was so subtle yet prominent to a certain extend. very nice!! and i tried my favorite yuzu flavor, awwWww.. so refreshing and they have yuzu bits inside also!!

so i told the obasan i will come back later to get the ice cream and proceeded to the next section to try the cream puffs. the puffs were crispy lor, but i was in no mood for puffs. so i headed to the salad dressing section to buy my dressing and chanced upon this something which i will dedicate another entry for it.

i went back to get my ice cream and was disappointed to find out that the yuzu flavor was SOLD OUT!?!?! Kaoz, damn fast lor.. within mins, it was gone.. so in the midst of disappointment i bought two other citrus related sorbets. both orange but dunno what's the difference. anyway, i only bought 6 but earlier the obasan asked me to go back after paying so that she'd give me 2 free ones. happy sia!! when i went back, she gave me two black honey vanilla flavored ones and i rushed home in a cab asap after depositing the cheque coz i didnt want the ice creams to melt entirely though they gave me some dry ice..

my ice cream damage for the day

the gelatos are $4.50 each and the sorbets are $3.50 which prolly are not exactly cheap? but was quite ok for me since a scoop at ice cream counters are already about that price already.

chestnut with vanilla. ok, the 'chestnut' word is there, just that my focus salah and lazy to take again.

the natural salt flavor which i will definitely eat it tomorrow. interestingly, the colour is a subtle blue. like the lightest blue you see on the cover. very appealing!!

the mikan (orange) flavor sorbet

when i got home, the first thing i tried was the black honey vanilla flavor. woah.. you got to taste the black honey man! it's damn good. it has a tad of charred taste and sweet but not overwhelming.

the black honey flavour

i think i have done injustice to the ice cream on this shot. i couldn't wait to try the it so i took it out like after 15 mins when i left it in the fridge so it has not fully returned to it's original state.

this is what i like of the ice cream.

it's not overly milky. once the ice cream melts in my mouth, i taste milk, vanilla and ice. it doesn't leave a layer of something on my throat after eating the whole cup. it's a damn clean taste which i like coz it doesnt make you feel thirsty thereafter. ok, that's just the vanilla ice cream part. mix it with the black sugar, it was orgasmic! feels like eating cream brulee minus the egg. phewz! i'm damn glad the obasan gave me the two for free!

not sure if this fair's last day is tomorrow. but head down if you are really interested. oh, i sure didnt feel sinful after eating the ice cream, i think i can eat at least 3 different flavors at one go! Haha :D


ladyironchef said...

its a small cup right? cant really visualise how big the ice cream is. haha. but wow, you brought so many flavours! lol yeah i got a friend who is a big fan of the Jap fair at Isetan, everytime go one. haha

claudine said...

Hi LIC!! Waw.. didn't expect your comment!! Hee.

i just checked and it's about 120ml. yah all the flavors taste good so i thought i might as well get them since i was ready to give up my shopping trip for the day just to get the cups of ice cream.

actually i don't remember they featured this fair. anyway, happy that i just happened to be there :D i have to put up some kind of resistance to go the supermarket coz i am a japanese snack junkie!! may just buy everything hee :D