Saturday, February 14, 2009

no pics again???

kaoz, the pics disappeared again. faintz! twice within 3 days?? sian.

the week ended in a sucky manner. don't think there's a need to delve deeper into the whole thing. somehow, i have the urky feeling that things ain't gonna change in the coming week. just looking forward to movie the coming friday and hopefully find some nice place to makan. well that would prolly end my week well after endless meetings and trying to close off BAU activities which then leaves little time for me to digest my projects related matters. i think i shall include a massage session on thursday and continue my tuesday run and hip hop away all the frustrations gathered on Weds.

sounds pretty packed, yeah.. i think i need to keep sane and somehow find ways and means to handle stress and frustrations coming in different forms and manner.

leaving with this note:

if a clear line can be drawn, then things would have been simpler.

anyway, unfortunately we all know things are usually not that simple especially when it comes to work and stuff.. just hope that this sian-ess will end soon

*sigh* again.

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