Monday, February 16, 2009

salad for breakie

decided to prep some salad for tomorrow's breakie and to de-stress a bit. still feeling the woes of the week that passed and the horrid weather sure aint making things any better. i feel close to giving up. unfortunately, i can't. sad and harsh reality of life. sighz, i still feel depress. wonder how soon i can rid or move myself off this phase which seldom make its appearance these days.

no wonder i have problems getting rid of it..

anyway, off to salad. i discovered coral lettuce recently. i much prefer the purplish ones as they have more punch, flavour and are slightly savoury with a tad of bitterness when it touches the ends of your tongue before you swallow. i made a smaller version yesterday sans the pear. and because the season of korean strawberries is over (don't bother with the aussie or the amercian ones coz they are never as sweet) i thought my anti oxdiant supplies were gone too. Fortunately, the appearance of pomegranates saved my day!

Coral lettuce in vibrant green and brownish purple?

i have a love hate relationship with pomegranates. love it coz the ruby reds of smallish seeds are packed with loads of juice when i crunch them with my molars. reward comes in the form of sweet juice and it's always refreshing with it's slight acidic taste.

the entire ingredients

hate it coz to get the seeds out are not entirely the easiest thing to do. i am a perfectionist when it comes to getting the seeds off their soft bed of cushion. i hate it when the seeds bursts and the juice pops out when not inside my mouth. so i am always careful and make sure they are perfect. as such, it takes a lot of time to completely get all the seeds out. thereafter, yellowish residue will stain my fingers and will take ages to get rid. but well, it's all worth it for the yummy bursts of natural sweetness.

the final product

am contemplating if i should add cheese. i most definitely will if i have time in the morning tomorrow which i highly doubt i'd have any. dressing which goes best with this is the japanese onion dressing. it highly compliments the coral lettuce. great to start the day with yummy breakie and healthy too!

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