Thursday, February 12, 2009

gone and feeling blue and looking grey...

somehow, the pics uploaded into blogger is no longer available for viewing online. hmm.. don't know what happened so i went to checked out the forum. apparently, i'm not the only one. that's something nice to know. but somehow, only got 7 people (or less coz posts are repeated) who are experiencing the same problem.

well, sure hope the blogger team looks into this. when i tried to re upload the header photos, there's an error message citing that my url is invalid. hmm.. is it the problem with using unique (or not) internet browser or a macbook that caused the problem?

nevertheless, i'd leave it to the experts. i don't want to troubleshoot anything else after work. it's a tad torturous today coz my throat was feeling sucky, dry and itchy. my head's a tad heavy and i felt a tad feverish. i know i am falling sick and it's only a matter of time. cece told me that she was sick for the past couple of days and only went back to work today. she told me the doc mentioned that she got flu. hmm.. i sure wonder what we caught when we were in the highlands.

have been feeling sleepy for the past couple of days. and every morning, i felt my right eye having the abnormal double eyelid feel. you know, the kind like you didn't sleep enough and your eye just cannot completely open kinda thing?

i wonder if it's coz i am not feeling well and thus i am feeling rather stressed and grouchy. just felt that when i went back to work on tues there are so many things to do. lost focus and dunno what to work on. as the days went by, it got even worse. i feel i am unable to handle and i just feel i will miss many deadlines which further adds on to my frustrations. i am not the friendliest person for the last couple of days and i suspect tomorrow too. somehow, it feels like some form of depression setting in. argh.. everything looks greyish at this moment.

i hope i feel better as the weekend passed. things are really not just going the correct way.. i wonder if i lost all my luck for the year by hitting $90 from the toto.. i sure hope not.

damn sian..


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