Tuesday, February 03, 2009

wanton mee - unveiled

finally i get down to taking some photos of my current favourite wanton mee. apparently the stall which my dad bought it from is pretty 'tao' (meaning arrogant in hokkien) he said that sometimes they so pissed him off that he refuse to buy from them.

he said the stall owner can have roasted duck hanging on the racks and refuse to cut the duck up to sell to patrons who wants to eat duck rice. the owner apparently will gauge whether if he cuts up the duck, will he be able to sell the whole duck by the time the stall closes. so, if he cannot finish cutting up the duck, he will refuse to sell duck rice for the day. i wonder if this will persists when times are bad though..

anyway, on to the wanton mee. hmm since i am no good food blogger and have several occasions of bad grammer as well as english, i'd keep it simple. there are a couple of reasons why i like the WTM from this stall.

Wanton mee from marine parade

the presentation

usually won't see this kind of nice presentation even when order WTM in plastic boxes. some are either too watery or the cook just churn out the dish with the usual ingredients and that's that. but this one, look how pretty the arrangement of the ingredients are. i am hungry before i even eat it.

the roast pork

it's not entirely lean nor entirely fatty. the cook has used the right type of meat for the char siew. with some parts slightly charred, it adds great flavour! plus some burst of fats and mix with the lean meat, i feel i am in heaven!

the pickled green chilli

it's sourish, savoury and never too sweet. additionally, it still retains a certain level of spicyness as well as good degree of crunch. eat it together with the QQ noodles, damn shiok!

the vege

vibrantly green and uber fresh and cut precisely in exact lengths. truly impecible! the serving of the vege is also pretty generous!

the noodles

texture is excellent. as mentioned, it's very Q and bouncy. it's not powdery and the sauce makes it tasty.

the Q and chewy noodles

up close and makes me hungry!

as much as it sounds almost perfect, i have my grouses about the mee. though there are 3 if not 2 wantons in the dish, the minced meat in the wanton is rather pathetic. too little to even taste the meat and can mostly just taste the wanton skin. also, i wish they have a better chilli paste or i think actually they did. i had it the first time, but they never put the chilli paste to the mee subsequently.

anyhowz, it's quite amazing such an amount of effort is put into putting this simple dish together! i wonder if this is why they have that level of arrogance. hmm.. now i so want to it eat tomorrow! hahah

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