Sunday, January 18, 2009

supper club

the thing that intrigued me about Supper Club was the surprise menu. well, 4 course dinner at a price of $65++ i am curious what kind of food will be served to me. Surfing the web aroused my curiosity further. their interior looked awfully sleek with the white bedsheets and pillows and silver pillars. the pics of the loo as well as the bar looked impressive. plus the site mentioned that patrons will be treated to some kind of 'out of this world' performance. so dinner it was on a friday night to Supper Club.

i called to make reservations, though it wasn't exactly necessary when i found out later that not many people were in the club even when we sat till 10 ish, it was only half full sad to say. oh, but reservations did have it's privileges, coz i saw an advert in JUICE mag that if you quote 'JUICE' when making reservations you get to have complimentary moet champagne.
we were earlier. uber early in fact. had a tough time finding the entrance in that the arrow/s leading you to the entrance has no follow through. the fact that LOOF was just above didn't help as we thought we can go up to level 2 via the elevator. i think we spent a good 10 mins wondering and thinking where the club is.

when we finally found it, we were the earliest.
a cross dresser and a girl with huge dredgelock hair greeted us at the entrance and were prolly surprised that we were so early. the cross dresser in a pinkish, flowery, over the knee length dress and wearing boots brought us to the bar area. Walking up the hugmongous stairs proved to be a challenge for me with heels on. i quite like the area coz the windows/glass panels (it's floor to ceiling) were tinted red! can't exactly speak visual impact, but the colour showering the whole room was intense. i think it makes people wanna drink coz somehow you'd feel damn warm inside. Think 'The Running Man'!

drink we didnt and we headed out to civilisation eating fries @ Mac coz we were getting hungry.

by 7.50pm, the club wasn't even ready yet but they brought us in and there we were greeted by the ultra violet feel of white wash beds and pillows, floor and walls. why do i say ultra violet feel, well, it's not ultraviolet light they used. it's a combi of soothing colours which you can see in the pics. I shall not say much just that the beds were huge and absolutely comfy! the pillows were fluffy and yeah, it's not difficult to fall asleep which we nearly did and perhaps had some shut eye for a short while.
the food didnt arrive at 8pm though we were told that dinner starts that time. we sat till around 9 ish when our first course was served.

the entrance

at the lower level lies the kitchen and the bar counter

sliver reflective pillars make the place even more sleek

different scene mode

Appetiser for the night was:

Raw cream salmon steak with sundried Roma tomato and avocado, frisee salad, ginger toast and champagne vinaigrette.

appetizer under the lighting of the place

and now with flash

Frankly speaking, when you read the discription it looks like you are in for a treat. for me, i found the whole dish too complicated. i couldnt taste the salmon steak and i didnt like the raw cream. i think it's too sourish given the fact that i could taste lemon pulp in the cream. the frisee was so so, i thought it tasted like any salad vege. as for the ginger toast, hmm didn't taste ginger, but the champagne vinaigrette is a first time for me, i like that the champagne and the vinegar mixed nicely together. the most unforgettable food item in this dish i must say is the Roma tomato. it wasn't overloaded with olive oil and it was still chewy. it is savoury and to a certain extend hides a certain amount of sourness and sweetness. it's my favorite item in the whole dish and there were only two pieces sadly. though i must say the whole dish sure kicks up an appetite and made me wonder what's to be coming next.

2nd course - starter

Parsnip/onion soup with parmaham, oregano croutons and chopped parsley.

soup in a beer glass/mug

and you can see the ingredients clearly now

first taste of the soup, i couldn't really figure. maybe the taste is a tad too complicated or that i didn't know how parsnip tasted like, so it felt like i didn't know what i was drinking. what i knew was that i could taste curry to a certain extent. the lighting sure didn't help identifying what food i was eating. i could only see the colour of my food after i took pics with flash on. so i saw the misley slice of fried parmaham and the croutons. as i drank the soup, it got more and more spicy. somehow, it tasted like there were lots of black pepper in the soup as well. i was getting pretty hot and was ready for more. though still not very impressed.

one thing to say about the presentation of the soup was that it came in a heineken beer glass and we were given a huge spoon of which will never fit the bottom part of the glass. this mean that you had to drink the soup like downing beer. interesting experience though one must not down the soup when it was being served.

3rd course - main

Veal tenderloin, spanish tortilla, sauteed baby leek and shitake red chili jus de veau.

can you spot the shitake mushroom??

the veal sure was tender and nicely done. love the fact that you don't have to chew too hard and goes gentle with your jaws. it's juicy because the sides of the meat was nicely seared till slightly crisp. like the spanish tortilla though it kinda tasted like potato gratin. the top of the tortilla was awfully crispy and the lower layer were soft and creamy. very comfort food. as for the leek and misley number of shitake mushroom, they are forgettable. the sauce didnt impress and i thought it was plain salty.

4th course - dessert

Banana/Passion fruit millefeuille, vanila thick cream and mint leaves

i'm forgiveable to think that the mints leaves were for decor purposes. no?

i'm a fan of passion fruit sauce or ice cream whatever it is. the sweet, fragrant smell of the fruit just gives me happy thoughts. banana and passion fruit goes well together so one can never go wrong with the combi. i didn't like the millefeuille coz it was too hollow and difficult to eat with the banana and the sauces. the fact that the utensil provided was a long teaspoon didn't help much.

dessert was simple yet too complicated as again it came with too many varieties. the mint leaves were scattered as a decor for i was unable to eat the whole dessert without dismantling them to eat it individually. i resorted to using my fingers to meddle with the food in the end.

food was served on a small bedside table which will never be able to accomodate the size of the dishes so you have to eat with caution. service was impecable as they acceded to several of our requests like changing the 2 complimentary champagne to a glass of red and white wine. the waitress even got me the menu when i asked for it (after the meal of course). However, the place seems to be a hangout for AMs, so we were pretty out of place being the only two other asians having the dinner. we were treated to a performance which is so not out of this world. just a woman acting like a siao za bor. oh and the toilet's sucky too. dark, unisex and pretty dirty.

for 65++, i really expected more. not sure if the week's menu is out to tease the tastebuds of the patrons? coz if that's the case, the chef sure met his goal for the week. Unfortunately, i wasn't impressed. from the whole meal, the only thing that i want to try again would be the sundried tomato and nothing else. for dessert, i'd go eat exotique anytime @ canele. in fact, the only thing that is lingering on my mind right now is to go raffles creamery for their pina colada ice cream which we didn't get to try!!!! Grrrr...

Anyway, go only if want to be surprised and can find people who don't mind being surprised for a price. i was lucky :D!

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