Sunday, January 18, 2009

feeling a different BTNR

went for my weekly walk today with mum and it was in the wee hours of the morning. today was slightly different. temperature was cooling and it was nice walking up the slope though i still pant as i walk up the steep slope, i'm getting better in that i managed to walk continuously without stopping to take a break.

walked up and down twice. probably due to the cool weather, it made it easier to decide to walk up the slope again. the air was definitely fresh. i can feel the early morning dewy moisture seeped into my body and blood with every breath i take. the feeling was one of quiet awesomeness. i brought my itouch along, listening to the songs as i walked up the slope. i think i should create a playlist for slope walking moments coz it just feels wonderful. i think songs with just the singer singing and the piano playing would be the best company.

the route was slightly dark, it was as if rain would pour soon. but i know that it wouldn't rain coz at different intervals, the sun's ray shone gently through the slightly thick foilage and reminded me that it's sunny outside.

i like today's trip. i had my quiet time thinking as i walked up. self talk to encourage myself to continue walking up the slope even though i did feel like stopping to rest as i walked up the steep slope. it's a reminder that i can be quite determined at times. i guess i needed something like that to remind me that i can do something when i put my focus into it.

it was a moment which was hard to come by. come to think of it, i was contemplating whether i should go this morning.

well, i'm glad i did.

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