Tuesday, January 13, 2009

carried over resolutions

during our trip in spain when we were leaving ibiza for valencia, cece and me chit chatted as we waited to board the ferry.

the wait was long, so we started chatting about maybe taking up some courses and lessons. on our list were sports, music lessons, crafts etc. we brainstormed quite a few ideas, in the end 2008 ended with us not playing any sports, didnt become anymore musically talented nor did we became engrossed in any craft works.

this year, we revisited our 2008 resolution on NYE during our MRT ride to COLD's. we dabbled a bit on the musical part and she had a priority list of instruments she wanted to learn ranked accordingly highest priority (Piano), medium priority (Violin) and less priority (Flute). i seconded the flute. i'd be interested and it's prolly the cheapest instrument out of the three. but cece's more keen on the piano which will require loads of practise and erm of coz a piano to practise. haha, i think i will check out the flute, though i kinda forgot about the taiko drums. shall check it out again.

so my 2008 resolutions somehow carried over this year. last week i signed up for hip hop with edeline. ideally it should start Feb, but i might be due to go for a long delayed operation which will leave me with 3 weeks of mc or that's what Doc See mentioned, which therefore means that i have to postpone the hip hop sesh.

one of my resolutions for this year was also to accompany my mum for her bukit timah hill walking trip, and for the last two Sundays, i actually did that. feels good after walking, so i figured i'd prolly continue for sometime. may include a trip on Sat mornings as well. Depends on how lazy i am.

i haven't started my craft project yet, maybe this week? dunno, see how tired i will. as i type, i realised that my eyes are getting really heavy. wonder what made me so tired today, been yawning non stop!! though i did find some courses which caught my attention!! one of it is glass fussing and the other japanese clay. wonder what else i can find online.

started the year eating partially healthy and still trying to continue the fruitty and veggie intake regularly. it's kinda fun coz i am experimenting again, just a bit limited with the dishes cooked coz i can only boil, stew or steam. there's no cooker hood at home so, stirfry will be messy. nevertheless, it's healthy which is most important!

let's see how well i will abide by my 2009 resolutions carried over from never fulfilling any in 2008... :D

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