Tuesday, January 20, 2009


surfing many a foodies blogs to search for a place to bring my 'ex' mgr as well as my current mgr together with their wifeys and kiddo for dinner. there were so many options to choose from, i kinda narrow down to buffet and Italian. i dunno what's their preference.

buffet's at Straits cafe @ hotel rendezvous and Italian... hmm.. there's a couple to choose from but i am not sure which one. will ask their opinion and see how it goes.

i tried the Cedele Carrot cake today. for the price of 6 bucks, i'd say it's damn worth it and add on $1.80 you get a coffee full of taste and punch. it's quite strong actually. stronger than my fair trade drip coffee i got from Muji in fact! ok, i am digressing.

i didn't how heavy the cake will be so for lunch i ate only fruits. yep, headed to the $2 fruits from marina. after getting the fruits, i headed to Cedele to buy the cake. first impression of the cake when i opened from the box was that, hmm.. it didn't look as big as the picture i saw in the blog. i felt that i was visually ahem cheated. nevertheless, i consoled myself that the cake ought to be good. so i sunk the fork in.

it was not happening when the fork sunk into the cake. taste wise.. woah.. it was quite different. moist as one of my colleague put it and not too sweet. flavourful can't remember if it was vanilla taste or cinnanmon. can't really taste the carrot but i see slivers of it. the sweet cream on top of the cake i felt, became quite a bit jelat for me though the sweetness is nice and mixes well with the cake.

what i love about the cake is the generous portion of walnuts that the small slice of cake has. on the side of the cake, the walnuts covered the whole area entirely. it's hard to find any space which was not covered with walnuts. DAMN SHIOK!! and within the cake itself, there was also a generous supply of the nut. i was in nutty heaven and very happy!

albeit my intial reaction was that of being visually cheated, the small slice sure made me uber full. initially, i was thinking of heading to raffles creamery for my pina colada ice cream. but now, i'm craving for savoury stuff. had i not been lazy, i'd have alighted at OAR (old airport road) hawker centre but then i'd have a problem deciding what to eat. i had wanted to try the wanton mee (but after reading the review, i think the WTM near my place would be nicer) if not, the hay zoh and the crispy pig intestine. else, i'd buy my favourite prawn mee soup. well, i had none of those coz i was too lazy and came back home eating pessimon for dinner.

despite the above, i think i have decided what to eat for lunch tomorrow. i shall head to souperlicious for some yummy soup tomorrow. in the meantime, i shall sleep off some of the hunger i am feeling right now... *grrrrr*

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