Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raffles Creamery

i finally succumbed to temptation and headed to Raffles Hotel after topping up my MRT card to get my pina colada ice cream. was having sms exchanges with Cece coz she was in town shopping and i asked her if she wanted to meet me for ice cream. hmm.. she needed to get new bedsheets, so she skipped ice cream. anyway, we are going to meet jenn and ann for dinner @ double bay tomorrow so i guess we'd still catch up somehow.

as for the ice cream.. well, i can only say SHIOK!!! the pina colada ice cream was flavourful, had sufficient amount of milkiness, smooth and i could actually taste the coconut when i put the ice cream into my mouth and more than that, i got a tinge of sourness of the pineapple. it was a good mix and one of the better ice cream i have had recently.

can't see the ice cream right?
Coz it's all covered by the condiments!! yum yum!!

another thing to add is the generous serving of the condiments. for the price of additional $1, you get to choose two types of condiments. they have a whole list, i chose granola and macadamia nut!! the granola was very crispy and give good texture to every bite i took. together with the macadamia nut, it was good combi! nothing to complain about except the raisins in the granola mix. they were too tough to bite!! the first raisin got stuck on my molars and i nearly cannot remove it. it was quite bad. i havent ate such a hard raisin in my life!! i was like.. WTF?!

so other than that i enjoyed my ice cream thoroughly. i'd prolly go back and try other flavours whenever i head to cityhall MRT station to top up my card. hmm.. that is almost like a weekly trip but it's cool i really don't mind man!

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