Monday, January 19, 2009


about two weeks back, i noticed that my face was on the verge of disaster breaking loose. i noticed that i might have breakouts soon coz can see the angry blackheads trying their mighty best to pop out. i couldn't squeeze them coz they weren't ripe enough to come out easily with pressure applied. so in order not to risk more damage to my skin, i needed to do something.

it looked like the masks i got from taiwan weren't going to help, so i headed down to watsons and grabbed two boxes of neutrogena hydrating masks (heng they were @ a discount and priced at $25 odd each). then i headed to isetan to check out SK II the miracle essence. it has been ages since i last used it and i decided that it was going to be my saviour.

after a couple of days of using it, it sure was a miracle. together with the hydrating masks, the blackheads kinda looked more tamed and it was indeed a relief! it's great that i know i can always rely on this to help my skin get better. i'd prolly be going to finally get the pore refiner cream as well as the clear lotion. these are the staples for me.

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