Thursday, January 01, 2009

NYE din at Shinryoku

din was supposed to be @ 6.30pm. my dear friend was late. she blamed on a particular 'someone' conveniently off her alarm and thus she overslept. She arrived close to 7ish and i had already started before her coz i was famished! I didnt eat much for the whole day in preparation for this huge meal.

interior of Shinryoku

for $68++ you get to order these in the menu. anything and everything. However much you can eat.

The buffet menu

I like their sashimi, it's very fresh and i like their presentation. would have hit on the ark shell if it was available. it's the best and most worth it to come for this buffet! but unfortunately, they didn't have it yesterday. i was SO disappoint!!!

ika and hamachi sashimi

the full sashimi set except for the missing ark shell

Crunchy yam with raw quail egg

this dish is one of my favorite and they were uber generous last night. the yam was cut and filled to the brim of the dish!! i love the cruchy yam coz it is as the name suggests, crunchy, slimey and sticky! as to how you eat the above, basically, you just pour the quail egg onto the yam, pour some shoyu on it and mix some wasabi onto the whole thing. the taste is refreshingly tasty and very authentically japanese. yum yum!

after that i ordered the salmon skin salad. Just in time coz cece arrived shortly after the dish came.

Salmon skin salad

close up shot of the salmon skin

this is a must try! i don't think this can be done this good at anywhere else expect Shinryoku. i am not a fish skin fan, but this dish is awesome! packed with loads of veggies. they have butter lettuce, rockets, romaine lettuces, radish, diakon shoots, cherry tomatoes, purple cabbage and baby spinach. the star is the fish skin. thin, and fried to a crisp. it adds more texture to the dish. the sauce goes very well with the dish, it's slightly nutty, creamy and sourish. till date, i still haven't figure out what's in the sauce.

maguro natto

and yesterday, i was in an adventurous mood. i ordered maguro (tuna) with natto and boy was i glad i ordered the dish! it's very nice! as much as not many people likes natto (i didnt) this one was delish. i'm surprised it came with a raw quail egg. so what i did was to pour the raw egg out, mixed everything together. what always facinates me about natto is that, it's not only sticky, it has these sticky strands when you keep mixing the natto together. i had wanted to order a bowl of rice to eat with this dish. damn sure it will taste wonderful! I think i am falling in love with natto!!!

sadly, the chawamushi wasn't tasty yesterday. but it still looks pretty regardless.


and our all time favourites, the grilled dishes!!! there's actually more, but i was too busy eating and didnt take the rest of the pics..

grilled chix wings

the skin is grilled till crisps and nicely cut and disjointed nicely so that you can easier eat it. comes in a pair for every stick ordered. it's nicely seasoned. and a couple of drip of lemon makes it wonderfully delish! this can be quite addictive.

grilled golden mushrooms wrapped in bacon

grilled king prawns wrapped in mint leave and bacon

they actually have a series of bacon wrapped grilled items. besided the above, there is also aspargus wrapped with bacon and potato wrapped with bacon. i love this series because the bacon actually doesn't taste like bacon. it's like super thinly sliced fatty pork. i wonder where they get this bacon. even streaky bacon is not even close to this bacon they use. so when they grill these dishes, eaten together with whatever they wrap around, it tastes uber yums!

for example, the golden mushroom wrapped with bacon dish? the golden mushroom absorbs the fats and flavour of the pork which makes it moist and crunchy as well!! well u just have to taste it to know what i mean. :D

grilled saba

unfortunately, yesterday's saba was rather fishy and we didnt get the good part. so we ended the night with this and couldn't eat anything else. i also had the grilled ginko nuts (my all time fave) and grilled cherry tomatoes which were awesome!

if you have money to splurge and can eat like crazy, then do go and visit Shinryoku!

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