Saturday, January 03, 2009

1st meal for the new year

thought i was going eat more fruits for the new year, so i started with all things red and orange. haha i had nectarine, korean strawberries and a quarter portion of papaya. anyway, i could only find these in the fridge. love the colour and also i love my fruits crunchy and sweet. this fruitty meal was pretty fulfilling until..

fruitty meal for 2009!

my bro passed me his stash of cookies from the cookie museum.

so weird? louis 16 and lust?? hmm..

that's how the cookie looked like

guess what ingredients made up the cookie? it had choc chips, lotus seeds, mocha and lychee. hmm.. interesting mixture aint it? it tastes quite nice, just unfortunate that the lotus seeds are kinda bitter. you can entirely taste the lychee of which for a moment i forgot what the taste was. in all, i can't say that they blend well together. i can only say that there are various taste of surprise in every bit.

well, sometimes food can bring lots of surprise too! in the end, i had roasted pork ribs rice for lunch and then snacked on my snack stash for dinner as i slept the evening away. haha.. darn, feel damn fat that night!! Haha :D

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