Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 1st post

ok, so my 2008 last post wasn't a 350th entry. in fact, i overshot by 1 post. haha so my 2008 post ended at 351. oh, it really doesn't matter right?! hah..

anyway, i was wondering how i should start my 1st 2009 post. i wanted to say that i woke up with a slight hangover and a slight sore throat, thanks to last night non stop wine-ing @ COLD's and a subsequent 30% alcohol 'leomonade'. now i suffer the consequences... :S

sweet wine which caused my slight hangover/sore throat

in any case, yesterday was a crazy case of over fooding. cece and me headed to shinryoku (pics and stuff later) and seriously lost our tummy to over eating of the buffet stuff and we didnt even managed to rake up enough dishes to make our $63.80 worth while!!! the saddest thing was my favorite arkshell sashimi was out of stock!?!! sighz, i was so darn sad coz the rest of the sashimi were no longer appealing. after all, i ate some of them last Sat @ wasabi tei.

we had our first drink of the night. Cece had her black vinegar shochu (you get 1 free drink for the price paid during the buffet) and i had my peach-lychee shochu. believe the person never stir my drink, coz the shochu laid quietly at the bottom and i had a shochu sudden shock. i was wondering initially why i didnt taste any shochu, it was later then i realised where all the shochu was! Arghhh..

we then head to bugis to catch our MRT ride to COLD's at bt batok east (sounded so darn far) and we stopped to buy chewy junior in anticipation that snacks might not be enough and got a bottle of wine for their house warming gift. When we reached the MRT station, it was darn crowded. thankfully, we didnt have to change train and had a smooth, seated ride all the way to bt batok, until Cece decided that we should stop at bt gombak instead. so we alighted there and took a cab to COLD's condo.

the tantalising chewy juniors

when we reached, only CK was there and he had to head to a second party sesh @ depot before the countdown. then we realised that there were loads of food!! they were definitely not snacks man! there were the famous Clementi satay (of which the host queued for an hour plus to buy it), famous gombak roti prata, Debra's wanton uber delish, chix wings, salad, fruits.. cece and me nearly fainted!! but we ate the famous satay lots! haha

Jason n Shermaine arrived later and we started talking, laughing and sharing some tips. haha. i wonder if we'd have many juniors next year?!? we then took a tour around COLD's abode and found out that he actually has a good design sense and loads of ideas! the place is cool.

as i type, i realised i missed out taking many pics. i guess i was stoned high. haha, i'd prolly just let the pics do the talking. we learnt a new game - rummy and had loads of fun. plus we are finally firm on our Genting trip in Feb. So exciting and i can't wait. :D

Our party pics!

making sure our whistle works as we await the arrival of 2009!!

1.. 2.. 3.. BLOW i didnt :p

Our wonderful HOSTs!!

Shermaine and Jason. I like this shot lots!

we love our desserts!

Chee Peng & Elaine.. AwwW soo sweet!!

more group pics!!!


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