Saturday, January 03, 2009

daiso madness!!

just before Ponyo, Cece and i met in Daiso. i needed to get a box to wrap prezzie and she needed to get her stuff. i got my gift box, ribbon and i bought 3 other cups of jello.

after the show, we went back coz i was going to check out some stuff. we ended up going crazy with the stickers which they were selling. i bought two cutesy design and now stuck the kitty sticker on my macbook. haha i like the black kitty!! so cute! Had wanted to buy the zhao cai neko which cece managed to get. lucky her, that was the last one she took. hee hee :D The other set i got was a rabbit set where they have all kinds of japanese design rabbit in hues of pinks, red, fuchsia, purple, etc!!! pretty pretty!!

The black kitty series

the rabbit series

my 'reinvented' macbook :)

and i decided what i am going to do for my first craft project. was very inspired in daiso, i decided to make a laptop cover for my macbook. bought a metre of felt in light grey and zippers too. i think i will come up with something japish too.

so wanna go visit japan this year. maybe will go on a self discovery trip towards the end of the year. think that will be fun :p. xmas, cold weather, beautiful lights, warm cozy food etc.. probably interesting and hopefully many good photos! hmm.. nice thoughts, i'd KIV it.

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