Saturday, January 03, 2009

more things japanese

so i went grocery shopping earlier on. no plans as to exactly what i wanted to get, but i knew i wanted to get greens and lady's fingers were on top of my mind. so i ended up getting a couple of greens, canned tomatoes from HUNT's and i also got salmon sashimi as well as natto.

the taste of the maguro natto lingered so much in my mind that i so wanted to try more of it. i was just worried the kind of natto i was buying, didn't know if they tasted the same or are there any different. so i went to Cold Storage to check it out and realised that there were only two brands. one with the funny japanese doll face and another one nicely packed into 3 cups, organic and i dunno if it's because it's pretty green packaging attracted me to buy more than anything else, in the end i just got it. hoping it would taste exactly like the one i tasted the other day.

it's simple enough to make. coz everything was already prepped, you just need to mix everything together.

the green cup, came in a set of 3

the sticky natto!! see those silky strands!?

the super yummy soy sauce. so flavourful and not overly salty

the mediocre salmon sashimi.. haha..

i didnt take a pic of the final product in view of the fact that it is not very pleasant to look at. but it tastes delish enough and pretty yummy. i added a dash of lemon juice coz the salmon came with a slice of lemon and added the soy sauce in the sashimi set, with some wasabi as well.

ultimately, i think natto tasted better with maguro than salmon. but i am surprised that the natto itself is pretty good. hmm.. a good addiction for the new year i gather?? Haha..

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