Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 gadgets

hmm.. mr chia had his toys stock take, for me i think it's a year of many gadgets

cant remember if i bought my DS lite this year, i think so, i cannot remember. it's in baby blue and i only played errr 3 games on it.

got another point and shoot camera. i think it's a canon limited edition. it's the ixus 950 IS, got hear before?? Together with the package came a free selphy printer which was a wonderful deal coz this tiny camera came with so many other goodies!

on that very same day, i got a portable maxtor hard disk of 160GB.

as well as a 32 inch Samsung LCD TV which was a steal at that point in time.

then i got my G900 which was an ultimately disappointing phone and which i intend to change soon.

i ended the year buying a Macbook finally!? (thought about it since early March!) and together with it, an itouch.

7 gadgets in a year.. sheesh.. can't believe that i am a partial techie geekie! hahah


Zii The World said...

Hi Claudine,

That's quite a number - 7

I discovered I have no more room to store new toys and need to buy them more responsibly now - also I dont have time to really enjoy them any more. Waiting for the killer machine that has everything onboard and renders my lappy, my media player, my pocket camcorder and so on useless and does not have to be recharged every day for that. The zii technology might be an answer, but little is known at this stage.

claudine said...

Hi Zii The World,

the new technology sounds awesome, but i wonder if the new machine can be easily portable. that would be really cool!! hehe :D