Tuesday, December 23, 2008


bet you'd prolly noticed how crazily strong the winds have been blowing these days. no? well, i have. it's pure madness!! After the rain has made her appearance and left silently, the wind came out to play like some new found freedom... sibey siao lor..

anyway, it's so strong that it blows my hair into a pathetic set of tangled knots and i look like siao zabor.. don't like it coz in the morning, i shower and my hair's all wet so i can't exactly tie it up. in the end, i have to hold it in place. so troublesome.

and today, it's so damn bloody hot! actually, it started to get warm this week. the rain stopped playing hide and seek and it's like sunny all the way. pretty humid too. i don't like it.

and rain rain.. finally gone away i presume??

now i want the dark clouds to gather and strong winds to blow. this is how i like my weather. it's cooling, dark and kinda feel like magic's in the air.. nice!

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