Tuesday, December 23, 2008

small gifts production

I havent made xmas prezzies for a very long time. the prime excuse for this is that i simply didnt have time and knowing myself, i always want to do what seems to be simple stuff, but when i embark on the project, i regret coz they usually take up more time than i imagined it.

so this year, i thought of something simple. as many people would know and also indicated on my profile, i am a creative copycat. well, to put it simply, i take the ideas of others and improvise on it. i was at watsons on sunday after and saw this clothes pegs deco items and thus, i decided that this year, i'd do magnetic clothes pegs memo pegs. errr... whatever you call it.

the toughest thing about this project is this: getting and finding nice wooden clothes pegs and spray painting them.

Got the clothes pegs at some provision stall, damn retro sia..

the au natural state of the pegs

i didnt sand the pegs and i realised it's prolly a bad idea. coz if i were to sand them to EVEN smoother finish, i'd prolly have an easier time spray painting them. So sadly, i found out the hard way.

A bottle of aersol spray paint in silver finish.

To get from au natural to shiny silver got me totally intoxicated with aerosol spray. i think i was high for a moment having sniffed in too much of the spray. Well, the thing was, i was spraying at the common corridor area outside and it was in the afternoon. the sun was strong and i hid in the shade. this was a tradeoff between getting a terrible headache vs getting high on aerosol because the wind was blowing in the opposite direction from where i was spraying. well, neither was appealing and i had to choose. so i settled for high instead of pain. it sure was an ordeal given the fact that i'm not an expert in spray painting and i didnt have a face mask on.

it was only over after 3 hours of spraying.. phew!

After spray painting the pegs, things get easier. I got this ready cut cardboard cut outs in pretty shades of bright pink, blue, greens etc and in the most interesting shapes, designs and various sizes. all i needed to do was to use super glue and glued the shapes onto the pegs. it's that simple! After that, i added a magnet at the back of the peg so that it became a magnet clothes peg memo holder or photo holder, or whatever my friends want to use them for.

Here's the end product!

thereafter, i wrapped them up in japanese inspired design coloured paper which i bought from Japan many many years back. i hope the receivers of the prezzie like what they got in the pouch :D

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