Sunday, December 21, 2008

sunset through the side view mirror

i saw another beautiful sunset today. was on the way back after a full day of shopping in town. sat on the front seat on the left. we took the GWC way, zipped through cap sq and was supposed to zipped towards the IR long straight road but took another turn due to miscomm and went up the ECP though the party world entry.

the sunset was incredible. it peeped through the tall building in CBD in bright yellow with shades of orange surrounding it. the partially dark, greyish clouds made the the sun's ray even more prominent. in fact it was breath taking! i had a camera with me, but i didnt take it out. hmm.. it's hard to say why. it might be coz i had a couple of stuff on my lap, or i was lazy to bring it out, or i was just savoring the moment. whatever the reason, i had the scene in my mind.

looking at the sunset through the side view mirror, i began conjuring ways of capturing the moment. in monochrome? in colour? etc.. in the end, i didnt capture it. i think it would have come out pretty. remembering the moment, i just felt i was lucky to witness the surprises which nature churns out for us on a daily basis, it's just a matter of whether we see it or not. it was definitely mesmerising. i was so attracted to it and very much amazed and so i kept looking at it from different angles and perspective.

next time i shall be diligent. i'd whip out my camera and just shoot away and then share it with anyone who chanced upon my shot. :D

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