Wednesday, December 17, 2008

when times are bad and food is expensive..

you know that times are getting bad when your favourite store which sells the cheapest fruits around your area hiked up their price by 10 cents. so if you buy 6 lemons, you only paid $3 then, now it's $3.60 for 6. damn sian.

everything looks so expensive these days (yeah, this coming from me who just bought a super duper ex branded bag just a week ago) ok, i refer to staples. like a morning breakfast can cost at least $3 and more depending on what kind of mood i am in. sometimes, i just like a hot beverage. like teh or kopi from ya kun. if i am in the mood to walk, i'd get from kuo fu coz for $1.10 i get a bigger cup and their teh/kopi is actually quite ok to me. sometimes i like to munch and keep my tummy from growling, so i'd get bread, or kaya toast etc. sometimes i can be in a atas mood, so i'd get my caffeine fix from Starbucks (still good coz they have the Visa signature 1 for 1 latte) and i really like their ugly chicken pie so i'd get that too. breakie for that day will be equivalent of more expensive than lunch or dinner itself.

then comes lunch. the whole south area, really got nothing to eat!! there's no cheapo kopitiam, it's all food courts and restaurants if not cafes. if there are cheap stuff which is nice, then the queue is freaking bloody long. i only eat a few things around here these days. my favourite Thunder tea brown rice ($4.50) which took a couple of tries and i finally feel in love with this unique healthy hakka dish or this stall in suntec food court which sells 3 huge rice cookers of soup. they have the watercress soup, lotus root with pork ribs and peanut soup (my fave) and raddish with carrot and sweet corn soup. each bowl costs $4 and it definitely fills my tummy. but there is one generous server and another stingy server. it all boils down to your luck for that day. nevertheless, the LRPR soup is so darn good! i dunno how they keep the LR crunchy and meat on the pork rib just detaches itself easily from the bone. What i like about their ribs is that they use those with the cartilage (i think that's what it is called) which are boiled so long that it becomes collagenish!! the best time to buy is when the food court is about to close. prolly 8.30pm when the soup is left close to nothing but pure thick, wholesome goodness and you'd prolly get lots of liao (ingredients) too!

at times when i feel like not eating anything for dinner, i'd get the $2 fruits from marina. 3 types of specified cut fruits. Go early though, coz the fruits get sold out pretty early and i must also say, for the price of $2, don't expect the freshest! though most of the time, it's pretty acceptable. i haven't gotten fruit poisoning thus far.

most of the times, i just toy with the idea of taking no 16 to old airport hawker centre to ta bao or go all the way to siglap. or take 196 to go to marine parade central to get my fave chix drumstick rice or the hokkien mee and my bubble tea fix. if not, i'd head to parkway to get my laksa craving settled.

guess there are still many choices, but sometimes, i'm really just too drained and too tired to get anything. so i'd look into my snack pack, hoping to find something nice...

sighz... so sad right?? hee..

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