Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TL Tuesday

the morning started ok. got my ya kun kopi and Han's sandwich, was raring to go. but alas, i was too optimistic.

the first sign of trouble was that i realised i didnt save the work i did yesterday. i vaguely remembered clicking 'no' when prompted to save thinking that it was the email excel worksheet i was closing. that proves fatal as i said i was going to send the information early morning. thankfully i had save a detailed copy in my folder and could simply copy n paste and send it out. that didnt take long. things still went ok until a reply from the email i sent out made me panic. i have re-arranged one of the column of the worksheet!! i was pretty upset given that i brought the laptop home to complete the work.


went to ask for sign off for some doc and took sometime to speak to the colleagues upstairs. thank god i took that short time off coz things turned for the worse thereafter..

some backend technology person sent an email to me and asked me to join a conference call tomorrow for some run through of how to do some parameter change for a soon to be launched project #$@%$#^% .

this i wanna curse and swear! i was being indirectly roped into this towards the end and given 1 day to update people's access rights, 1 day to create ids and hopefully, the testing can be done tomorrow while i learn the parameter changes. i am going to sound mean but hey, if this was to be launched so urgently, why are the parties involved being allowed to take leave together? because of this, another project is being jeopardised.

i agree we should cover one another if possible, but i was sent an email thread that the requirements was sent out in Nov. i dunno if this was being forwarded to the parties involved in this project, maybe it wasn't. sighz, i just wish i have ample time to prepare the necessary. well, i guess this is very much my wishful thinking.

i'd actually gladly help if the other people are equally doing their fair share of things. but no! there are so many DPGs around. sitting at their desks and not doing their part. then why should i do it? got me thinking halfway at work today if it was the correct choice i made to not moved to another department. to a certain extend i felt cheated. stayed with no promotion, no pay rise and doing more stuff. i have no complains about the guys i work with. in my tiny unit of 5 people though we may not be able to cover everyone entirely and that there are bound to be lapses here and there, we'd still somehow jiao dai as much as possible. probably not everything will be covered, but at least 50% gets done and at least there is jiao dai lor.. with the other side, there isn't obviously and i never expect from the people i very much respect.

things turned worse when a B from another dept sent an email that she has not been able to get me for the whole of last week. she's soooo going to die tomorrow. NBz! i sent her a fully detailed email, left her a voicemail when i told her to have a conf call the next morning, after that i indirectly tell her that her idea is unlikely to work via voicemail as well coz she's equally hard to get hold of. plus, she said she was going to pull out some MIS for us, but that didnt materialise. then she asked me for another report, only an idiot would send her one immediately..

thankfully at the end of the day, i managed to get lucky. didnt have to wait too long to get a bus to parkway. i got to eat my fave drumstick chix rice (i didnt have to wait in a long queue) nice sweet passionfruit bubble tea and i wanted to be greedy to get desserts but resisted. i also didnt have to wait too long to get a bus home from parkway. all these after a sucky day.

well, still pretty upset with the day's event though..

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