Saturday, December 27, 2008

times are bad sales

so it's sales everywhere. you see the 4 letter word screaming at you where ever you go. Judging at the number of people jostling down orchard road, the crowd and queues in famous branded stores, people arguing with the security guard doing crowd control, i wonder if people are aware that recession's on the way or there's no such an impact at all?

in short, it's major madness in the whole of orchard road. people grabbing branded bags all strewn around the shelves, the cash register ringing like nobody's business and people trying clothes here, there and everywhere. so don't feel like shopping at all.

we had to queue to go into 3 branded stores. Bally, Gucci and Coach. What irate me was that everytime when it comes to our turn, we were stopped and had to be the next batch to go in. it happened when we were going for our lunch @ wasabi tei. waited for like half an hour to finally have lunch. i was famished! didn't buy breakie for work in the morning coz the kopi making auntie at KF was not around and i didn't wanna wait. When reached office, it was crazy as usual. dunno why the plan can never be accurate. spent 3 hours plus in the office trying to ensure that everything's ok before zipping off to lunch @ WT.

when i reached WT, i was the 7th in queue. looked like we had to wait for sometime. i think the best thing to do if you really have craving to go there and don't want to wait, is to go alone. nevertheless, we patiently waited whilst commenting on how slow people were taking their meals in the restaurant. anyway, when it's finally our turn, as usual, i ordered the chirashi don. yesterday's appetizer was different. it looked familiar, just that i cannot remember what that blackish strands were. it was something stewed and taste yummy. i was rewarded with uni in my chirashi don as a replacement for the ikura!! that made my day and tasting it brought me to heaven!! Heh :) I managed to taste the grilled salmon teriyaki but i found it a tad dry (maybe didnt get the right part) and not as juicy and tender as expected. i like my salmon fatty, juicy and no dry bits except for the crispy skin. next time i'd prolly try the saba grilled saba and chawamushi!

anyway, queue number 1 for the day ended in satisfaction. we headed to wheelock coz i wanted to get the camera strap. deviated from the original shop and went into 'wonderland'. got a 'upper playground' tshirt for $20 when original price was @ $59 which was a saving of $30!! quite a steal. i got it coz i like the material. soft and and light. the design is uber cool. it's a japanese chic looking doll in the shades of purple, pinks, maroon and gold! it's damn chio! can match my gucci bag. too! hehehe!!

My upperplayground tee

after deviating, we headed to Crumpler and got my camera strap where they only have brown left. had wanted black, but after much contemplation and advise, got the brown instead. coz of the bright orange on the logo and yes, agree that Crumpler is all about colour.

money spent shopping thus far: $45 - still cool!

after that, we headed to zara. Piangz, quite a mess man and all the stuff they displayed, damn ugly lor. never know which season these clothes came from or is it because we were 1 day late and all the nice stuff were gone. plus, the fitting room queue didnt make it very appealing to shop further. we then headed to taka, walking one big round coz we tried to siam the sun. the day was freaking hot by the way. by then, i was darn thirsty (think next time i must bring plain water when i go shop) and we headed to mos burger for a short rest.

thereafter, we went to the specialty section of ngee ann city and taka. gosh, you should see the queue at LV and the crowd in hugo, burberrys etc. my mind was like, waw... so cheap meh?! so we checked out hugo boss and i was rather surprised by the price range which was quite affordable actually but we didnt get anything. didnt go into burberrys and went on to Gucci and saw the queue. it was quite siao. so we went bally instead coz the queue was shorter but it was one queue where we were stopped and had to be the next batch to go in. Inside, i saw a pair of slippers, damn comfy but it costs $125!! no way i'm going to spend that money for a pair of slips!! after that, we went out and queued at Gucci.

to make our time worthwhile, we really spent quite sometime in the store. primarily because too many customers, too little sales staff though there was a crowd regulator outside. we had to wait to see the cardholders, wallets, etc and we had to take turns. anyway, i really like the cardholder in leather and embossed logo. the colour i like is grey. wonder if the pastels had that design. we also found out that if you are a takashimaya cardholder, you get 10% discount! I am so going to sign up for that card!! Hah. In the end, we didnt get anything from Gucci, though damn tempted with that cardholder.. arrgghhh.. i will kiv that for next month.

we then headed to paragon, hereen (where i saw a pair of nice camper shoes which after discount of 30% still costs $188.30!!) and finally we walked to PS and got some stuff from diaso before heading to raffles city to check out River Island sales (where i had sadly experienced not very good service) and had dinner @ canele. i had the beef stew and it's damn yummy. but instead of choosing pasta, i'd choose bread next time. the beef was really tender and slightly fatty. it tasted delish and close to melting in my mouth. at the same time, can taste the wine as well. though portion could be slightly bigger for the price paid, but i guess it was just nice if you wanted to order the dessert crepes after the mains. we had my all time favourite 'exotique' of which the banana passion fruit ice cream always make me happy coz of it's sourish, sweet and zingy taste.

it sure was a tiring day, i've never walked from one end of orchard all the way to PS!! phewz.. thankfully, the weather turned slightly better towards evening.

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