Sunday, December 28, 2008

sales spree part II

and today i slept till late about 12pm considering i slept early last night. lazed in bed further and decide if i should head to parkway to complete my shopping spree and i did. So i bought these:

1) Levis jeans $89.90 (traded in one of my recently purchased Giordano jeans which became super loose after i wore it like 5 times!! cost $69.90 and traded in for $50. loss $19.90 but divide it over the number of times i wore it, was still ok)

2) 3 tops from FOX total $48

3) 1 black stylish jacket from G2000 for $49

total damage for today: $186.90

total damage for the weekend: $231.90

that's all for the month of Dec for me! :D

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