Thursday, December 25, 2008

popiah xmas eve din @ SK Chalet!

so in the midst of heavy rain and chilly weather, 9 of us gathered at SK chalet. How long has it been? I can't really remember. but i guess it has been a long long time.

instead of the usual feasting of turkey, honey baked ham xmas log cakes, we opted for something simple. we made popiah. everything from scratch even the uber spicy chilli! kaoz, most spicy i have ever eaten, first try and i gave up adding chilli into my popiah.

if one person were to prepare the stuff, think will really have to wake up early and do it. there's so many things to prep and we didnt even use the full ingredients usually found in popiahs.. took both of us about 3 hours to finish preparing. heng ann got the experience, or else lagi worse. in the end, everything turned out pretty all right. enjoyed the popiah making, it was fun! Eating with friends even better!

the main ingredient. made of turnips, carrot, garlic and hay bee stirfry and then simmered

sliced fried egg
broiled beans sprouts
chinese parsley and some chinese lettuce
chopped garlic and chilli padi
all the ingredients which makes into a popiah.. looks simple but it's a lot of effort

the final product. spicy popiah. i omitted the chilli padi after this one!! it was crazy hot lor!!

we stayed on till 3 am in the morning. watching 'Good luck Chuck' and writing a xmas card for a very dear friend. as much as it sounds a bit boring, i guess it's great that we finally managed to have a gathering session after so long. what used to be a monthly routine now seems like a precious gift of sorts for us to be able to spend some time together, laugh together, joke together and have one another's company.

hopefully this can continue till when our dear friend comes back and we'd still be gathering of sorts. well, it's my new year wish for the next couple of years.

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