Tuesday, December 09, 2008


the long weekend that just passed has caused much damage to my pocket. went to have a spa treatment @ spa infinity where there was a promotion for clear card members. $33 for 45 mins massage. not the best deal in town i must say, but they had a super huge jaccuzi pool, steam bath and they threw in a complimentary meal if you finish your massage before 5pm.

so i took the opportunity on my leave day to go try it. first, the place not easy to find. when i went to the basement, i found unit number only until #B1-20 and the place was located at #B1-21. I just couldn't see it until i looked out of the exit door to the car park. piangz, it was just opposite the exit door. hmm.. what an unusual location i thought. nevertheless i went to check it out.

i was introed to the locker room which was pretty impressive, large jaccuzi pool, big shower area with mosaic tiles all over. but there was only 2 changing room and the toilet is all the way to the end before the steam bath. i was told to change into the sarong and go outside to wait.

when i was outside, i realised that it's an unisex spa which made me a tad uncomfy coz the massage room was all the way to the other side.

anyways, the massage was ok. i opted for medium strength and attention to the shoulder. all these were taken care of and i felt ok. but a minus point is that they didnt clean my feet before they massage. i always think that cleaning the feet before any massage is the most important and hygiene thing to do. the plus point is that they have a heat blanket on the massage bed and it made it really warm and cosy given that when i was there, the aircon was down and it was freezing cold!!

as for the 3 course complimentary meal, it was ok. the original price is $10. i opted for chicken chop which was juicy, tender chicken thigh but pretty bland with potato salad as side dish. i also have two wonderfully soft, warmed muffin and a cup of uber power coffee. for $10 the meal was damn worth it and since i got it free, lagi best!

Thereafter, i headed to Wheelock and went to epicentre to check out stuff. Then i saw this itouch cover which i thought was darn worth it too! It's $49.90 before discount (Citibank cardholders got 10% discount for accessories) and it has quite a few items inside. There's a plastic cover and before u put on the plastic cover, there's a super thin silicon wrap. it also comes with a micro fibre cloth, two anti static protective membranes, video stand, connector protector, universal dock adaptor and headphone adapter also! So i thought it's a good buy.

Then i headed to Takashimaya. Actually, wanted to head to check out long champ bag, in the end, went into Gucci and bought this bag below. It's my first branded bag purchased in SG and my heart was beating damn fast when i got it. I wonder if anyone can identify with the feeling. dunno is it adrenaline rush or it's the freaking worry that can i afford it or should i even buy it during times like these.

When i heard it is full leather and the logos are embossed. It's in my current season favorite colour - PURPLE and the price was simply irresistable! The discount was about $400 difference so, i went ahead and get it. I like the gold details as well and the size is something i like too, not too big nor too small. hee, prolly sound like excuses. anyway, i doubt i'd ever get anymore branded bags in SG ever so it's my xmas prezzie for myself for the year coz i haven't purchased any major branded bag for this year and only this year ;p!

The two pairs of shoes i bought at Novo. The gold pair gave me blister on my 2nd right toe and hmm.. it's not the easiest pair of shoes to wear. i guess it's too bare, that's why. but i do like the pearly gold colour coz it matches my bag. :D

And these are the cute ballet pumps. havent wore them yet. might blister at the ankles. anyway, i guess i remembered why i never buy shoes from novo. not the most comfortable shoes they produce... :p

this weekend was really damaging to my pockets. i doubt i'm going to have such sprees for a long long time ever! even if i do go on spree, i'd get other stuff instead of the splurge of a branded bag... hee hee.

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