Monday, December 08, 2008


rained the whole day today. since this morning in the wee hours of 3am when i was chatting with ann on msn, it had been raining till i woke up at 1045 am and went back to sleep again and woke up again at 1 plus pm.

the weather reminded me of the times in spain when we were up in the mountains and in cuenca, it also reminded me when i was in taiwan on of the nights when edeline and me went for karaoke as well as the time when we were in genting going for the F1 race. hmm, somehow never imagine that such temperature would be experienced in our tiny little island near the equator. see how global warming has somewhat made it pretty prominent to us.

in any case, i just want to say it's cold... brrrrr..

so in a cold cold day, what better to do than to stay home, laze, eat KFC and snuggle in bed to watch TV or movie.

I've finally finished 不良笑 花 and it's pretty good. i kinda like the show though like all 偶像劇, sometimes it was rather draggy. Want to end, dun want to end.. haiz.. damn sian. As usual, all's well ends well and 小花 got her 唐門 and live happily ever after.

i'm now watching 不能說的祕密 was left with 20 mins before the show ended and the webbie cannot stream. WTF!!??

i think it's a good show well, by the 80 mins i have covered. good because it's a simple love story which transcends time and dimension. it's interesting and i think prolly only jay can think of such an unique story.

the interesting factor is that playing a song called 'Secret' brings the player into the future and only the first person the player see can see the player. this is where 小雨 and 夜香倫 met. in the old piano room.

initially, the show doesnt say that 小雨 is from another time period and audiences will think that she and 夜香倫 are in the same time school and class. but there are times when she doesn't turn up for classes and one wonders why. though most would prolly think that it's due to her asthma. later part to the show, it was revealed that she was a student of the school and was taught by 黃秋生 (who's acting as Jay Chou's dad in the movie) in the year 1979. She then told this 'secret' to Jay's dad who was supposed to keep this secret but told 小雨 mum and the class monitor, who in turn told the whole class, who then made fun of her. The reason why 小雨 told her teacher was because she saw 夜香倫 kissing one of his classmate which was actually a misunderstanding as he thought the girl he was going to meet was 小雨. After which 小雨 never appear in class and 夜香倫 went to visit her place and found that she was not there but he found the 'secret' with his picture drawn inside. he then asked his dad about her.

thereafter, the film can't load anymore!!! i am like kaoz!! Watch until the most exciting part, cannot watch anymore! so i repeated the loading like god knows how many times. tmd leh!!

my guess is, he played the 'secret' song and went back to the past to meet her? shucks man, does that mean i have to buy the dvd or something.. arrggghh!!

anyway from the scenes that i have watched, i think one of the best scenes is where Jay and Yu Heng duelling one the piano. it was spectacular how fast their hands played each of the songs. very impressive! Jay's a whiz when it comes to the piano and i believe other instruments.

another part which i remember is where 小雨 asked this.

小雨: 你為什麼用一只手彈琴?

aiyoh.. so romantic neh!!! heheh..

haiz, i think i give up watching via streaming le, though i really wanna find out the ending. maybe tomorrow after my spa sesh and back home. btw, i am going to try out wasabi tei! By hook or by crook and will blog about it.

i also finally bought an item from G2000 after checking out at least 3 different stores. I settled for something which i didnt think i'd get. but coz it's bright turqoise (something which i don't have), the cut is ok and will look nice with boots so i decided to get it. now i only need a pair of leggings in dark grey or something to complete the look. i also remember having a furry jacket in white which will totally match the dress. haha.. for $40, i still think it's expensive. but i know i'd prolly dig myself for not getting it ultimately!

hmm.. i have to stop my shopping spree for this month already else i will go back to square 1. now is time to look for materials for xmas prezzie, hope i can find some coz i dun have much time left.

can't wait for spa and chirashi don tmr. thank goodness i am taking another day's leave! :D

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