Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i happened to chance upon this website and saw that the person is selling Satin dresses at $80 per dress?!?! I got mine at like $35 (actual price was $40 for 1 dress) in marine parade!! Kaoz, it's daylight robbery?? i even saw the dresses in Taiwan which were even so much cheaper!! I can't believe it!! then again, i'd never ever shop for such stuff in SG ever le.. go check out wu fen pu to see the wholesale stuff!! there are tons and tons and tons of clothes for a shopaholic to browse and check out what they want. it's a shopaholic paradise i must say! i was such a shopaholic, i didnt even bring my camera along when i went there. it was with focus that i was going there to buy clothes and tons of them at uber cheap prices!! :D

oh, and i havent started carrying my gucci bag. haha..

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