Tuesday, December 23, 2008

brunching @ cova - Sunday

our initial breakie place was canele @ shaw house, but they only open at 11am. we were there at 10.30am and were reluctant to wait. so we decided to walk to taka and seek 'new' and unventured dining places.

having reached taka, i was still determined to go canele. mind had crepes popping up here and there. whipped cream, strawberries, ice cream and crepe made me all fuzzy inside. since we weren't exactly very hungry, we headed to sephora to check out the new store. Fortunately or unfortunately, i wasn't exactly impressed. didnt find anything i wanted coz it wasn't as exciting as the ones i saw in Spain, so we came out empty handed although a new found fragrance from davidoff lingered in my nose.

we headed to paragon having canele in mind, until the suggestion of trying out Cova. read about it in the papers and checked out people's blog. looked pretty promising so we headed off to this new dining place and we missed breakfast coz it ended at 1030am.

it's interesting how the cafe is designed. it has two areas, though i am unsure what's the difference. one area is housed in one of those shops and the waiters and waitresses in there wear black polo tees and pants whereas on the outside, they wear white cocktail jackets and black pants. when we reached the place, we were asked if we wanted coffee or can't remember what else. so we thought the inside is for drinking coffee and outside dunno for what. gave us the impression that there's some between inside and outside. whilst the waitress went in for dunno whatever reasons to find us a seat where the whole area is almost empty, another waiter who is incharge of the outside brought us to the outside table.

it was almost empty except for an uncle who somewhat resembles stephen hawking to a certain extend except no special machine.

that's how the place look before the crowd started to come in.

they have a bar counter as well.

i ordered a ham and cheese panini. hmm.. was quite different from the picture i saw on the person's blog. i was thinking flaky cheese instead of melted cheese. however, i must say that the panini was toasted till crunchy crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. unfortunately, it's so nicely toasted that it was difficult to cut it with the cutlery provided. the table we sat at was partially shaky as well. anyway, i was thankful that i managed to burn some hand calories while cutting the panini. the cafe felt too atas for me to be using my hands to eat it.

i love the tomatoes, partially sweet and nicely sourish. the ham was a tad too salty. the cheese, sometimes taste it, sometimes don't. but when taste it, it's quite nice. i think i love the simple side salad best. i dunno is it coz of the dash of olive oil was just nice, mixed with the slightly sourish vinegar. the oil glistening on the mix of butterhead lettuce, rockets and red cabbage, it looks darn appetizing man! when you put it inside your mouth and start chewing.. it's cruchy lettuce that is most appealing when eating any fresh salad!

then we still had room for the dessert. super duper letal sacher cake. it's everything chocolate! the cake is chocolate, the mousse is chocolate, there's a layer of fudge inside, even had the chocolate chips on the side.. it's any chocolate lover dream come true!! For me, not my cup of tea/chocolate.. oh whatever! i'm happy with a strawberry shortcake anytime. i love my cakes with a tad of citrus taste to it and a bit of sourness. i am not the most crazy of chocolate fan.. erm unless they come with lots of nuts, then that's another story.

so, will go back again? Hmm.. depends. the drinks/coffee are definitely not cheap. range between 8 to 10 bucks. i was tempted to order white wine coz it costs about 12 bucks per glass, recounting the days in spain where we drank wine in the early hours of the day. they even asked if we wanted sparkling water?! woah... i'm in europe of sorts!? anyway, we opted for ice water and decided to go to starbucks 1 for 1 latte offer from the visa signature card.

maybe the next time i go will be when jenn is back. Jio cece too. so we can sip wine and remember our time in spain for that short afternoon tea sesh.. hahah :D

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