Sunday, December 28, 2008

Absolutely random..

whilst i was spreeing away today, i went to my favorite fruits stall in Marine Parade to get my lemons. that they were displaying lots of strawberries close to where the lemons were. curious, i went to check em out coz they were neatly arranged in the plastic boxes. i wanted to get them but were wondering where they were from. i saw korean characters on the box so i gathered they were imported from Korea.

it was cheap, thus i was suspicious. $3.80 per box and $7 for two. still cautious, i bought one box to try. just had them for dinner and they were great! for $3.80 it's definitely worth it! the strawberries were SWEET!!! out of the 8 i have taken out, only 1 was sour. the rest though not extremely sweet, i'm definitely being won over for the price i paid. if i were to go to supermarts and buy their regular brands, doubt i'd get any sweet ones. now i regret not getting more.. arghhh.. will try my luck tomorrow.

cheap korean strawberries!

i also ate my favorite dessert from Daiso. Actually other places also sell this dessert, but Daiso sells it at the cheapest price! other places sell it for about $3 and above. so $2 also worth it. this is jelly dessert with some almond tofu (i think) cubes inside. the jelly is uber soft and doesn't stand if you were to pour into a plate. they also have some small orange slices (skinless), some pineapple and some other thicker jello stuff which i am not sure what is it. eating this makes me happy! hehe i bought 3 and now i am left with two. :D

annin dofu

i also coloured my hair today. frosty brown. i wanted to DIY colour for sometime. in fact i bought this colour a couple of months back and i haven't retouched up my previous colour. couple of reasons.

frosty brown sounds scary. in the photo, the colour of the model's hair looked pretty light and i didnt want my hair to be too light coz i have a round face. also, i just permed my hair like two months back in taiwan, i didn't know if my curls will remain. nevertheless, i went ahead. decided to go for something new for the new year and my previous colour was getting really deary and sad looking. i didn't let the process go too long. usually i'd wait for an hour before i wash, today maybe coz i was a tad impatient, i washed it off after 30 mins.

conclusion? i'm happy with the colour. looked really natural with a tinge of goldish highlights when under the light. if not, it's slight dark. i kinda think it's quite an anime-ish colour. heh. hmm.. now i am thinking of cutting my hair to something like one of the characters in Naruto.

wonder if i should go ahead.. will contemplate once again :D

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