Sunday, December 07, 2008

sunday shopping and 999

okie, so i didnt get to go to wasabi tei and ended up eating one of my favourite items at canele. thereafter, headed to shopping at crumpler (pity the colour of the bag i wanted is out of stock at the raffles city branch) then birkenstock (hmm.. tempted again to buy something from there) adidas etc and headed off to vivo for more shopping and dinner and movie.

watched Bolt. it was wonderfully hilarious. i love rhino the hamster.. maybe because i love hamster or maybe because he is so twisted in his thoughts as he thinks himself the super sidesick of a super dog. haha, mark walton did a wonderful job as the voice of Rhino. Apparently, he was loosey goosey in Chicken Little? i think Rhino made the whole show interesting especially when he's this hyper hamster who runs around in a plastic ball and ever ready to take on the subordinates of the green eyed man! he and his sinister thoughts, eager to make them real and can't wait to fight the 'baddies', it was entertaining watching him! i laughed lots with his crazy antics! haha, anyway watch the movie for the effects (which ahem mimics real life types of the Matrix and all those slow mo actions) as well as how real the animals look in the movie. it's damn cool though i wonder how it's be if i watched the 3D version.. i picture that the movie will be right infront of me and i seem to be able to touch the characters in the movie. oh wellz, i believe it's still all right to watch the normal version.

so today, i guess after much shopping yesterday without getting anything except for a Zara short sleeve work blouse in purple, i came back surfing the web for birkenstocks and guess what. i saw this patent purple gizeh model which i super duper like!! didn't see it in the SG shop so i totally loved it. i'm still thinking whether should i purchase it online as i was told it took 15 weeks for the item to arrive.. i shall contemplate further..

anyway i bought a pair of flats and a pair of slippers in pale gold.. oooohhh.. the slippers are so going to match my Loewe bag.. haha!!! it costs $19.90 which i kinda feel was a tad of a splurge, but i have bought more expensive slippers beyond that price, so it's ok. the flatties i bought is a pair of ballet pumps in checkered design in the colours of pink, brown and off white. like it coz it's very sweet looking. now i must think of what colour to paint my toe nails when i go for pedicure next Saturday. i shall wear the pair of slippers and try to match the colours.. heheh..

and just now, in the middle of a slient sunday night, someone in the opposite block actually started banging on dunno what and then started screaming and shouting. like some family dispute of sorts. she/he even threw somethings down. i didnt know what was being thrown. anyway, worried that something horrid will happen, i dialed 999 to report the incident. but by the time the police arrived (before that i called and tell them that the commotion had died off but they say they will still send people over to check if there's really anything) the commotion had quieten down and it went on to be another quiet sunday night.

so this was the first time i dialed 999. the pick up was damn fast!! within two rings can reach a police officer already. and they took about 15 mins to arrive? hmm.. anyway this is my first time dialing.. quite an experience. coz dunno if i am doing the right or wrong thing. it's also interesting to see the reaction of neighbours when the police arrived. initially they were all standing outside trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. they stood outside watching. when the police arrived, everyone went into their house and closed the door!!

hmm.. guess it's prolly normal reaction..?

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