Tuesday, December 30, 2008

350th entry - the last entry for 2008

how apt that the final entry for the year marks the 350th entry. erm apt in the sense it's a nice number? haha.. oh wellz, whatever.

so what am i going to do tomorrow? i am excited, i am greedy and i need to fast a bit. tomorrow's fruits all the way till before dinner. Cece and me are going to splurge for tomorrow's dinner. we are going to SHINRYOKU!! it's a once in a long long long time kind of dinner ever since they jacked up the price. actually, i think it's psychological. it's the numbers that turns us off, coz the thing is that the restaurant has included a 'mandatory' drink for the additional price we are paying. but then, looking at the cost, it's not very appealing to pay our favourite buffet restaurant too many visits. i think this year, Cece hasn't gone in once though she was supposed to join us one dinner night, something cropped up at home and she had skip. so hopefully tomorrow we will have a helluva super full din before heading to COLD's humble abode for the new year countdown.. hmm.. come to think of it.. are we supposed to bring house warming gift? *ponders*

and so before 2008 ends, i shall jolt down my resolutions for the coming new year. Ranked according to the possibility of fulfilling?? Haha i don't know. Will wait till next year to review. in the meantime, let me dream of fulfilling them in the coming year. hah!

1) start doing my craft stuff. should have a creation at least one if not two per month. i started with the xmas gift, i think i can churn out more.

2) take up taiko drumming lessons @ chai chee community centre (quite cheap leh, $60 for 6 mths lesson and it's every weds. just dunno how regular i can attend)

3) stop flying Edeline aeroplane and take up.. ahem hip hop? haha.

4) accompany mum to her bukit timah hill climbing trips at least every Sunday if not two Sundays per month?

5) start exploring my DSLR and stop leaving it inside the lunchbox

6) reduce shopping (actually kinda reduce when back from Taiwan, it's a good sign but splurge on a Gucci bag!! Wahaha) and shop only when there is sales or go crazy when in Taiwan!!

7) try to meet up with SIMMERs at least once a month.

8) eat healthy - more fruits and vege and also check out nice makan places in our tiny island

9) try to sleep more and earlier

10) read and cook more

i think 10 should suffice for now. don't even know can fulfil or not. see how as the months go by, check back on my blog lor..:D

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