Sunday, November 09, 2008

yu mu mu

i came across this site on an email from s w i r l.

check out yumumu

Yilin is a singaporean designer with very new take on the normal fit A line dress and oriental inspired designs. I'm currently in the mood for cheongsum inspired modernised clothes. Think shops like Mu and Tian they sometimes have very gu dai inspired clothes which i really like. However, their clothes are more of the alternative looking sort whereby not everyone may like it.

at the same time, i came to realised that G2000, Giordano and U2 have sorta alternative looking designs as well. i'm quite happy that these clothes come in very simple form and cuts, though casual looking, they can look smart at the same time depending on how you dress it up. It's good that these design are available in mass market stores such as these. I'm happier even when they have huge sale! but by then, the popular designs may not be around anymore.

ok, back to YMM.. i particularly like the range from the east asian misfit collection. My favourite is the cheongsam - victorian. pity Yilin doesn't make clothes in the L category, so i can forget about dropping by s w i r l to try it out.

though i'm pretty determine to lose some weight, somehow..(oh err i signed up for hip hop lessons hehe.. hopefully this will help me fit into one of her designs)

i asked for her permission to put up her website. take time to view.

support local designers!! :)

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