Monday, November 10, 2008

a damn good quote

i have been reading my previous blog entries lately. dunno is it me being narcissistic or certain things which has happened over the weekend made me want to reflect and look into what kind of person i am and if as one grows older, certain things don't really matter.

looking back, i saw a foolish side of me. i also see that i have grown stronger and at the same time learn to accept and move on from many things. moving on means understanding that things are how they are and how they will be. some sort of acknowledgment and acceptance of which justification is unnecessary.

i came across this quote i've put up in my old blog long time ago.

Sometimes one of the hardest things of all is seeing things as they
really are. Could have beens, should have beens, ought to bes, can’t
believe it isn’ts — all these cloud our vision of the world around us.
But seeing through these various illusions is the first step toward
accepting things as they are. It could also be the most difficult. And
why is it important to accept things as they are? Only then can you
engage with the real world, which is the only way to really make any
necessary changes.’

I really cannot agree more.

how often have funny thoughts clouded my vision of what the world really is? how often have i been in denial knowing that things will never happen no matter how i hope that they will?

the interesting thing is, as i grow older there are some things that i am in denial but i think of myself being hopeful which then gives me the excuse to continue to indulge in those thoughts. indulging somehow became a silent form of hope of sorts. it was a thin line between being delusional and thinking that i am being hopeful. it's a matter of how i wanted to see it.

you know how they say don't give up hope, continue to persist and you will get what you want. what i think they never say about the above are these:

1) hoping should be done in moderation

2) hoping requires the involvement of another party or event to make your hopes happen

3) hoping requires the understanding that hopes may not happen as you wish them to be over a short period of time because it's dependent on point (2).

4) and understanding point (3) will make acceptance easier when all your hopes didnt happen

5) never persist too hard to make your hopes happen, that's when you are in a delusional stage and you didnt follow point (4) which means you didnt follow point (3) which also mean you didnt understand point (2)

like the quote says, accepting things as they are is the most difficult but it's going to be damn worth it. it liberates you from all the chains which might be tying you up. you become stronger as you learn to accept and you know how much hope to put in in your next 'project' (erm if you can call it that). you also get better in identifying whether you are delusional or you are actually hoping.

well in short, you basically become more aware about what you are doing, breathe easier and sleep better because you are coming to terms with yourself.

there's a saying 'Be careful what you wish for' i think they also say 'be careful what you hope for'?

hmm... *ponder ponder*

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