Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ruffles cheddar cheese chips

this has been my all time favourite ang mo potato chips. i was drawn to the just right amount of cheese flavor and the saltishness which is about just right.

lately, i've discovered a new way of eating it. i wonder if you'd call it fusion? well, after all it is a mixture of ang mo chips and thai spice.. hmm.. anyway, it takes less 30 secs to enjoy a whole new flavor.

you will need:

1 packet of Ruffles potato chips (cheddar cheese flavor)
1 spicy crispy shrimps

let me elaborate on the latter ingredient. i first found this when i was in BKK with Cece. She said that her sister uses it to make japanese rice ball and it's damn good. So i bought one small container back.

inside this container, it contains the following

crispy shrimps (think hay bee being deep fried)
deep fried shallots (think shallots thinly sliced and deep fried)
deep fried garlic bits
dried chilli flakes (those you put on top of your pasta/pizza)

what you basically need to do is just pour the contents into the packet of chips. Thereafter, you just need to shake it to ensure that most of your chips are covered by the crispy shrimp mixture and you can start enjoying it. what is interesting is how the flavours combine together wonderfully.

you taste the tiny weeny bit of cheese taste, the the fried shallots, sometimes a bit of garlic and the chilli just bring this snack a notch up!

and once i start, i can't stop. simply because this yummy ang mo chips has become uber tasty and very spicy! the kick comes when you finish the bigger chips and start eating the smaller pieces because it's now easier to pick up the small chips together with the condiments! you then get a burning sensation on your lips and tongue after that! you will start to perspire too.

all in all, after finishing the packet, i can only say one simple word.. Shiok!!

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