Saturday, November 08, 2008

back to virtual land

reading back my previous blogs.. i realised i have been out of the virtual world for more than a month! Sure didnt feel like it. once the urge to log in passed two weeks after my cpu crashed, somehow logging on doesn't really matter anymore.

They say it only takes two weeks to make a habit out of something.. so true and no wonder i am always a believer.

but i know i need to go back online one day soon coz i am missing out too much. I finally got my first macbook and together with it, i got an itouch too. went on a gadget purchase spree again. but all thanks to such a thing call 'interest free instalment plan' i put these two items on a 24 months plan. excellent for a recessionista.. haha get the things i want and have a period of 2 years to payback. but i lose out in earning points for the cards and of coz i could not purchase it on the staff price either.. anyways, the loss is about $70 i think.. i managed to get a 4GB RAM upgrade at $169. Guess it's a bargain still..

Anyways, opening anything from Apple is always an eye opener. So irresistable was the visually appealing packaging, i just had to take out my DSLR to take pics of it. I was most glued to the styrofoam protector design, i think it's such an artistic installation by itself! The first thought that came to my mind was, i wanna put it up on my very limited wall space, but then i thought i could do something else with it when (if ever) i have a place of my own.

think white walls, white frame, white macbook styrofoam.. the shadow of the curves will bring out the design itself.. so subtle and perfectly simple! hmm.. i dunno if you can imagine that. I sure can!

like CH says.. 'i've kept all my Apple boxes'.. well i sure did for mine as well. My first ipod inspired me to take pics of it coz i was amazed at how they can package something so nicely. I remember smiling and getting all excited. this time, when i opened my Macbook, that same feeling returned.

i haven't opened something that made me smile ear to ear for a long time... it's like, i paid a good price for something good. it's kinda amazing actually.

this is the installation i'm talking about..

inside the box, you get these..

the itouch with the installation

more circular design and the 'menu'

and from California.. where it all begins..

COOL isn't it? :)

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